Need help planning a wicked Valentine’s Day surprise? I have just the site for you.

Need help planning a wicked Valentine’s Day surprise? I have just the site for you.

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Only a week until V-Day, people. It’s almost time to panic about how you haven’t planned anything. Luckily, I have just the solution: a website where you can pay someone else to sort out an amazing Valentine’s Day so you still look awesome when Feb 14 rolls around (your secret is safe with me. Cough).

What is this website, you ask? It’s Airtasker. I’d heard vaguely about it before; it’s a place where you can post tasks and people can put their hand up to do the task and earn a little coin at the same time. ‘Clean my flat’, ‘do some data entry’ or ‘fix my Mac’ are typical tasks you’d find on the site but as V Day rolls around, the site is tipped to get all manner of romantic requests. 

Still stumped? Take a tip from some of the coolest romantic ‘tasks’ that’ve been fulfilled on Airtasker recently. I love this one, posted by a guy who paid an Airtasker $280 to orchestrate a surprise romantic picnic for his wife – so they could just turn up after popping the kids in bed and have it all set up.

Or, how about the guy who paid $50 to have a love poem written for his wife? Major brownie points should also go to the boyfriend who, stuck in LA with a sick girlfriend in Sydney, paid an Sydney-based Airtasker $30 to pick up a Lindt hot chocolate and deliver it to his girlfriend at her workplace. Awwww!

Basically, you could post just about any lovey-dovey task on Airtasker and find someone willing to help you out with it – the sky’s the limit. What do you think? Would you use Airtasker to plan a great behind-the-scenes surprise for your beloved? Let us know by hitting up our sidebar poll!

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