SP: Who won our eHarmony perfect first date competition and a $250 ASOS voucher?

SP: Who won our eHarmony perfect first date competition and a $250 ASOS voucher?

What's your perfect date? Enter to win a $250 ASOS voucher!

Thanks to everyone who entered, shared, tweeted and followed our amazing eHarmony perfect date competition! The winner in our grand prize draw is Little Miss Melbourne, who has won a $250 ASOS voucher and a 3-month membership to eHarmony Australia! Congrats.

Talk to a couple who’ve been together a while and I’ll bet they remember every detail about their first date. Where they went. What they ate, drank, talked about. Usually, it’s a treasured memory. It feels magical that one little date led them to years or even decades of togetherness – even if they didn’t know it at the time.

Maybe that’s why, on every first date, we can’t help wondering: is this it? Is he/she relationship material? Could this be the start of something amazing? The beauty is, it just might be. And that’s why we keep dating. Keep putting ourselves out there. Hold onto the hope that somewhere out there, the ‘lid for every pot’ theory will hold true for us too. eHarmony have been matching singles across Australia for over 5 years now – click here to get started on your own adventure.

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  1. Emily Keller 7 years ago

    Message tweeted on twitter emkakel86

  2. Emily Keller 7 years ago

    Followed on Twitter

    • Emily Keller 7 years ago

      Whoops sorry, handle emkakel86

  3. Emily Keller 7 years ago

    My perfect first date is one which results in the end of my dating life forever!

  4. Di 7 years ago

    Home, snuggled up on the couch, watching DVD’s, drinking fine wine, and either cooking dinner together, or ordering something in…..all depending on our mood. Low key, where we can be ourselves, letting the guards down, no hidden agenda’s or pretense.

  5. Diana O 7 years ago

    A picnic in the Botanical gardens, followed by a stroll that leads us to the very top step of the Shrine of Remembrance, where we sit beneath the light of the full moon and enjoy that first, perfect, utterly romantic kiss.

  6. Rachael Lee-anne Rowberry 7 years ago

    Done all. 🙂 Picnic with cheeses, chocolates, strawberries and then a hot air balloon ride with a romantic nights walk on a beach.

  7. @hazelnutdog 7 years ago

    followed on twitter

  8. kat 7 years ago

    followed – @katerpilla

    my perf first date would include dirty burgers, loud music, cold beers, dancing and a sunrise

  9. kat 7 years ago

    followed – @katerpilla

  10. kat 7 years ago

    followed – @katerpilla

  11. Cian 7 years ago

    He should be a tad nervous, yet excited and open to anything that may come from the perfect first date!

  12. Cian 7 years ago

    @cianore is not following eHarmony Australia

  13. Cian 7 years ago

    Message Tweeted by @cianore

  14. KK Sale 7 years ago

    I’ve followed eHarmony

  15. KK Sale 7 years ago

    My perfect first date would involve a long walk by the beach, and then a cuddle underneath the tree 🙂 I’m a romantic.

  16. KK Sale 7 years ago

    I have tweeted 🙂

  17. KK Sale 7 years ago

    Twitter handle: @kk_sale

  18. Clare Miller 7 years ago

    I’m easy just so long as my date looks like Ryan Gosling !

  19. Karlene 7 years ago

    I’m following eHarmony AU on twitter

  20. karina w 7 years ago

    Going to Bondi for a fried Mars Bar!

  21. Gianna 7 years ago

    ..and I have also tweeted the message as described 🙂

  22. Gianna 7 years ago

    I have followed eHarmony by Twitter with handle 1gianna. Thanks!

  23. Gianna 7 years ago

    Dating terrifies me, because it feels like a job interview and I get too stressed being scrutinised up close. I also have a weird pathology where I don’t like being watched eating, so dinner dates are out. I prefer to get to know people by their thoughts and words and personality, and I’ve fallen in love with people by virtual means before. So for me the perfect first date would have to be on Skype or Facetime! 🙂

  24. Lauren Dean 7 years ago

    Tweeted @baybeegurl56 🙂

  25. Lauren Dean 7 years ago

    My perfect first date would be: Going out to a restaurant for dinner and dessert, somewhere quiet and homely that has great food, and a local singer singing in the background (good to listen to if there is any awkward moments). Having a good conversation and discovering we enjoy the same types of things.
    At the end of the night, exchanging numbers and to arrange to meet up again.

  26. Angela 7 years ago
  27. Tweet at @LittleMissMelbn xoxo

  28. The perfect date for me is to walk and talk as the French do. Meet up, stroll through the beautiful city of Melbourne, stop somewhere for a drink, stroll a bit more, enjoy the chemistry and the conversation, then settle on a great tapas bar for a light dinner and a bottle of tempranillo. The night ends with a passionate kiss which leaves you knowing you’ll see each other again. Swoon. 😉

  29. Anthony Trung Mai 7 years ago

    Tweeted the message 🙂

  30. Anthony Trung Mai 7 years ago

    Twitter handle: @anthonytmai

  31. Anthony Trung Mai 7 years ago

    A perfect date would be with someone you had already genuinely liked or gotten to know before the date. The date would then be to see how your chemistry is together. Conversations of dinner in a small Japanese restaurant. Asking a lot of questions and listening, sharing, complimenting…

    Getting to a point of being very comfortable with one another. Flirting, joking…. Catching the next movie. Exchanging glances to one another in the cinema. Laughing together.

    Ending the night with a stroll. Anywhere. Talking and be interested.

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