RC Round-Up #6

RC Round-Up #6

round-up 6 final3

A few bits and bobs I’ve come across on my travels lately. Have a kicking weekend, people! X

The coolest, cutest, slow-mo wedding video, from Jezebel.

Do you subject your lady garden to the wax pot month in, month out? Writer Caroline Rothstein looks at why, in her piece The Hair Down There, at Narratively.

I’ve got a lot of reading material on my bedside table at the moment. Book reviews coming up for The Nine Phases of Marriage by Susan Shapiro Barash and Man vs Child, by Dominic Knight.

If you missed it, I highly recommend you all read this piece about a guy who kind of imposed celibacy on his wife – until he realised he needed to do something proactive about his sex drive. From The Good Men Project.

Did He’s Just Not That Into You change your life? Hook up with co-author Greg Behrendt and his wife Amiira who wrote a sort-of follow-up some years ago called It’s Just A F**king Date. They’re answering your questions on Goodreads on Tuesday September 2.

Anders Nilsen, drawing through grief. How would you cope if you lost the love of your life to cancer? Illustrator Anders Nilsen drew / wrote a book to process his heartache.

You may have noticed a new sponsor on RC – Cheeky Treats. It’s a ‘box subscription’ of saucy goodies you can have sent to you either monthly, bimonthly, quarterly or as a one-off. Make sure you check them out and if you buy something, know that you’re helping keep me fed!

Did my parents’ polyester sheets give my boyfriend scars? I’m a huge fan of Apartment Therapy and turns out they occasionally answer questions, just like yours truly! This one is something I’d never considered. But then, I’m a cotton gal.

Tinder, the app that helps you meet people for sex.

I am a bit of a online gift store enthusiast – as anyone who’s looked at the Christmas Gift Guides will know. My latest favourite is a site just for blokes, Navy Crockett. Great for everything from funky socks to gadgets to dude food.

Apparently we lie 1.65 times per day. I’d have thought more really – not big porky pies, but just, well… I might shut up before I get myself in hot water. How To Catch A Liar on The Internet is this piece, from The Atlantic.

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