RC Roundup #7

RC Roundup #7

RC Roundup #7

Some good reads I’ve spotted on my travels lately – enjoy! Have a great weekend. X

One for the blokes who’ve ever worried about their manhood, porn or how to please a girl is The Worst Sex Ever from new Aussie site The Big Smoke.

And, to a curly question of why men cheat, check out this Lovestruck article reports on a new study.

What’s the secret to long-term marriage happiness? In Time, writer Francine Russo reveals that it’s all about how you fight – and who cools down first.

And, why lots of texting doesn’t necessarily mean your relationship’s as blissful as you think. Also from Time.

This piece from Narratively, The Plight of the Porn Star, takes a peek inside the life of trans man porn performer James Darling, who’s had to supplement pizza deliveries with porn work.

A husband took a series of photos of his wife who got sick with cancer. An incredibly intimate and sad peek into one couple’s love, life and loss, from Upworthy.

What are the real reasons you’re having sex? A recent study by the University of Toronto sheds some light, from Varsity.

Public proposals: are you a fan? (We are, as you can see if you search for ‘video’ on the site). From DailyLife.

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