RC’s Friday Round-up #10

RC’s Friday Round-up #10

Need some weekend entertainment? There’s a bit here to keep you going, whether you’re keen for new book recommendations, want to weigh in on the anti-vaxer debate, watch the latest viral proposal, find out how healthy your relationship is, or fancy some neurotica. Erotica for anxious people. It’s a hoot.

The Hoopla is closing. Some of you may have spotted my FB post about this great women’s site shutting up shop – here’s what Wendy Harmer had to say in her goodbye post. I wrote for them (and Pip and I did as a team as well) quite a bit, on everything from chore wars to facial hair to women who use male escorts (of which THIS controversial RC interview was linked to). I’m really sorry to see them go. A strong and inspiring voice for women that we can only hope will be back. Also, they paid their writers which is a lot more than I can say for other online sites. HuffPo, I’m looking at you.

In book land… I loved Nigel Bartlett’s crime novel, King of the Road – always great to see a mate’s book do so well, and it’s a cracking read so do consider it if you’re moseying to your bookstore this weekend. Don’t forget to keep your eye out for RC’s Get Lucky while you’re there; now in paperback!

How healthy is your relationship? I’m a sucker for any listicle I can pit my marriage against, just because I have way too much time on my hands, clearly. So check out this Time piece if you want something serious, and this from The Poke if you just want to laugh your ass off.

How to drive your partner crazy in bed… Again, not what you might think. I spotted this funny comic from blogger A Cup of Jo but it was originally done by Gemma Correll for The Nib.

On miscarriage… A pictorial about lost possibilities, and the culture of silence around miscarriage. Why don’t we talk about it more? We should.

On anti-vaxers being babykillers… If you missed it, worth a read. I pretty much feel as strongly as this reporter does about vaccination. It should be compulsory unless you can’t vaccinate for a medical reason.

Screaming to sleep… To sleep train a baby or not? I’m in the no camp, having done a massive 360 on the issue. I should write a blog post about it, when I have a sliver of time. In the meantime, I just read articles like this that give me the shivers. And I read others like this that make me nod my head really really fast. Basically, I just read anything that supports my belief that CIO is a crazy fucking idea. Don’t come find me, I’m too tired to fight you on it.

Inflight proposal, anyone? And not just any old proposal, either. He was the pilot, she was the flight attendant, and he snuck onto her flight, began telling their love story over the loudspeaker and… well, just watch the video. Cute.

If you get anxious about sex… you need to read Neurotica at The Hairpin. Too funny.

The open marriage experiment… He didn’t want kids, she felt betrayed, so she got an apartment and spent a year bonking other blokes. Well, that’s one way to communicate your displeasure. From Salon.

Men who want kids and the women who don’t… On the flip side to the above. I can relate to a lot of the reasons ‘why not’ the women cite in this NY Mag article – especially the work stuff; I have days when I miss it so bad and can’t wait to be back at my desk. That said, Charlie Bear is so awesome, I want to just eat him up 24/7. And all those concerns I had before he arrived… gone. So gone. He is like a bright beautiful light of fun and happiness and baby giggles and … well, you get the picture.

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