RC’s Friday Round-Up #4

RC’s Friday Round-Up #4

Reality Chick's Friday Roundup #4

A little weekend reading for you all. Have a good one! X

Apparently two-thirds of new parents  stop seeing themselves as sex partners in what’s being termed the ‘baby quake’. From Opposing Views.

Break-ups. We’ve all been there. And here’s what it does to your grey matter, from Scientific American.

Speaking of breakups, the rate of couples divorcing after 20 years (when they finally have an empty nest) has doubled since 1990, according to new research by the Australian Institute of Family Studies. From the SMH.

Still on break-ups, ever lost a close female friend? An absolute powerhouse of Australian women writers discuss that very topic in new book Just Between Us, which I’m reading at the moment.

The secret to more sex and more sleep is all in your bedroom colour, says this Houzz article.

Google+ hosts virtual same-sex marriage ceremonies for couples living in countries where it’s still illegal. Warm fuzzies. (PS. France just made gay marriage legal this week.)

Still trying to get my hubby to fnish the quiz in Love Birds by Trevor Silvester – a book about the ‘types’ we fall into and how couples can understand each other better. Quite spooky how accurate it is.

Hands up who remembers their first love? A guy recounts running into his at a party, in this Good Men Project piece.

Pregnant too soon? At 26, this New York writer thinks so – but she’s still happy to feel those kicks. From Slate.

Social media gives sex workers an opportunity to be heard, says Australia’s closest thing to a celebrity sex worker, Grace Bellevue. From The New Statesman.

Running With Scissors author Augusten Burrows talks about losing a boyfriend in the best way in this Modern Love article, for The New York Times.

Ridiculous time-wasters do amuse me, so I love this Tumblr, Oops, Wrong Number – the results of sending strange texts to random numbers.

The proposal that ended a friendship. Yeah, I’d be pretty dirty if one of my hubby mates asked him to come over and choke the chicken, too. From Salon.

I’m a little late to this, but I love Conversations With My 2-Year-Old, and now there’s episode 2!

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