RC’s Friday Round-Up #5

RC’s Friday Round-Up #5

Reality Chick's Friday Round-Up #5

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend! X

Firstly, I hope the late, great James Gandolfini rests in peace. I know I’m not alone in feeling heartbroken over his death, or weird that I feel so heartbroken. A Loss In The Family, from Slate, says it all.

A late addition to the Round-Up, but I nearly fell off my chair reading the most amazing text message wedding fight of all time. Thanks to my friend Lis who alerted me to such ridiculousness. From Jezebel.

I love this article from Time.com about famous dads reflecting on fatherhood. Richie Sambora’s letter to his daughter Ava brought a wee tear to my eye, just quietly.

Would you eat Sexcereal? As The Conversation report, this his’n’hers line of breakfast cereals is now A Thing.

Need a new way to connect with peeps … and possibly find love? How about joining other people’s group activities? I reckon Face Time could be a goer, especially if you take a single friend for moral support.

I’m fascinated (and disturbed) by a new book I’m reading called Confessions Of A Sociopath. It’s a great insight for anyone who’s ever wondered what makes a sociopath tick.

Facebook’s now under fire for ruining people’s relationships because it encourages stalking and cheating, says The Stir.

According to a new study of nearly 20,000 people a third of marriages now start online and couples who get together online are happier than couples who meet through other means. From IOL Lifestyle.

Cooking a romantic meal for your honey bunny? Nip into Woolworths’ Town Hall Sydney for all your ingredients… then slide into a chair at the new Beauty Bar and have a makeover (or mini manicure, or whatever the special of the week is). Personally, I love the idea of grabbing my groceries AND a professional smokey eye job all in the one place.

So, a happy marriage boils down to a couple of things, according to a new study: dads who help out around the house and play with the kids. Yeah, I think I’ll file this one in the Not Rocket Science folder. From Medical Daily.

You’ve only got til Monday to win a copy of Silver Linings Playbook on DVD, so if you haven’t entered yet, you can do that here.

And, don’t forget RC’s wine competition – throw your hat in the ring for that one to win three bottles of Bimbadgen Moscato.

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