RC’s Friday Round-Up #8

RC’s Friday Round-Up #8

RC Round-Up #8

Pour yourself a cuppa, stick your paw in the biscuit jar and get stuck into today’s Friday round-up… lots of bits and bobs to enjoy!

The festive comp drive rolls on! My Xmas giveaway month has been HUGE both here and on Facebook, and I’m not done yet. Still going on the blog: Nigella + apron boxsets AND a brand spanking new We-Vibe 4 giveaway. On RC’s Facebook page, 2 x $25 Cheesecake Shop vouchers up for grabs until Monday. And speaking of Monday, my final pre-Xmas competition will blow you all away…

World’s Biggest Blind Date Single and ready to mingle? Join the World’s Biggest Blind Date at Sydney’s Opera House on Feb 21 2014. Dating site CitySwoon.com is keen to break the Guinness World Record of the World’s Biggest Blind Date (set by Chicago, 654 people), and they need your help, Sydney! On the night you’ll be matched with a date and enjoy drinks, canapes and an after party. Click here to sign up.

Self help that actually works Don’t laugh, there are quite a few gems out there in the DIY therapy genre. Here are my picks for a whole heap of different scenarios – whether you’re navigating relationship dramas or need a reason to feel better about being single. From The New Daily.

Should you and your partner break up financially … but stay together? That’s the food-for-thought advice from this financial planner, from Women’s Agenda.

Stuck for good Xmas gifts? Lots of fresh new ideas on my Pinterest gift guide … and if you’ve got a creative person to buy for, the Xmas gift guide on Rachel’s List is a ripsnorter.

Social media and paranoia This article suggests Twitter, FB etc make us paranoid. But why is it so hard for us to stop using it? From Status Update.

Still on social media… the network you’ve never heard of, despite its 21 million users, and one which Fast Company calls the love child of Pinterest and Instagram. Find out why here.

His brain, her brain Ever wished your partner would think a bit more like you just SOME of the time? Stupid question. But men and women’s brains DO work differently – and here’s why, from Time.

Sick of taking the Pill? You might not have to in, oh, a decade or so, when a male contraceptive pill is tipped to hit chemist shelves. Really, a decade? Le sigh. From ABC.

Celebs with fish Tasteful online nudity to send a message is always going to get noticed. And, this is one of the weirder galleries I’ve spotted, of nude celebs posing with fish for FishLove, to raise awareness of deep sea trawling and its role in the world’s dwindling fish numbers. From The Guardian.

And a whole different kind of exposure… This is nudity in a way you haven’t seen before, with a selection of Morman woman who also reveal the experiences, thoughts and beliefs they have about their bodies. Their body shapes may all be wildly different, but photographer Katrina Barker Anderson has a gift for bringing out each woman’s unique beauty. From Mormon Women Bare.

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