RC’s Friday Round-up #9

RC’s Friday Round-up #9

RC Friday Round-Up #9
It’s been a long time between round-ups but I have some great stuff for the pickings, people.

In book land… get your paws immediately on Pip Harry’s latest YA novel, Head of the River, which has launched to rave reviews (stay tuned for my review on RC). And don’t forget, Pip and I have the first RC book coming out in October!

Also new in books… Sabrina Rogers-Anderson’s A Fantastic Sex Life… and How To Get It. It’s a no-holds barred how-to book for anyone who wants to rock it in the bedroom! Some great advice throughout.

I also loved… Swimming in the Dark by Paddy Richardson, which follows four very different women in a small Kiwi town mired in dark secrets.

Are you a Facebook PDA tragic? According to a new study, people who do ‘relfies’ – selfies with their significant other – are not so popular popular with their mates. From Time magazine.

Obsessing about your partner’s fidelity… could potentially ruin your sex life, say researchers who published findings about ROCD (relationship obsessive compulsive disorder) in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. More from Medical Daily.

Have you heard of… the Labia Library? It’s a website from the not-for-profit Women’s Health Victoria, and essential viewing for any gal who’s ever wondered if her lady garden is, well, normal. Be warned, it’s probably NSFW. Unless you work at CLEO.

So casual sex isn’t so bad for you after all… if you’re doing it for the right reasons, according to researchers from Cornell and New York Universities.. Apparently, the ‘right’ reasons are doing it to have fun or explore. The ‘wrong’ reasons to have casual sex include doing it for revenge or because you’ve been coerced into it. Tell us something we don’t know.

Is this description of love … something you can relate to? Funny.

My eternal quest for the perfect leather bag… continues, but holy toledo I love this vintage tote. My only complaint is if you’re a short-ass like me, you’d want the volume of the main bag bit to be a bit shorter, otherwise it would end mid-thigh when it’s hanging off your shoulder. Picky, aren’t I.

Are you young and in a sexless relationship? Interesting piece from HuffPo about young couples just not down with doing it all the time.

New mum advice… I’m reading a lot of Pinky McKay’s website at the moment and I love this piece, compiled from a heap of mums who commented on a Facebook post.

What’s the key to a good relationship? One of my fave bloggers, A Cup of Jo, wrote this piece off the back of a John Gottman Atlantic interview. Totally agree about the contempt / kindness thing. The first is toxic, the second – the glue.

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