RC’s Friday Round-Up #2

RC’s Friday Round-Up #2

Happy Friday and happy weekend reading, peeps.

Post-Valentine’s Day, an apt piece to check out From The School of Life blog is Romantic Love: Busting the Myth.

Or, if you’re keen to know the secrets to a great relationship, the second season of reality TV show Making Couples Happy debuted last night on the ABC. Plan it or catch up with it on iView it going forward. I’ll be interviewing the psychologist on board, John Aiken, on RC soon. I’m also reading the book.

Chick flick fans, new Nicholas Sparks adaptation Safe Haven is out now starring Josh Duhamel and Julianne Hough. It’s very Sleeping With The Enemy.

If you LOVE Europe but can’t afford the plane fare, surely the next best thing is Europe In A Box – a monthly subscription of hand-picked goodies from all over Europe. It’s the brainchild of one of my all-time favourite bloggers, Cyndie from Mademoiselle Slimalicious.

Find out why writing down how you feel about your fights can make for a more satisfied relationship, according to London researchers.

From Time, why married people are so smug and single people are so carefree. Uh, slight generalisation there, but an interesting read nevertheless.

From the Oprah Magazine, the 5 heartaches everyone needs to have (only once). If you’re lucky.

Also from Oprah, 6 questions to ask yourself if you’re still single (and looking to meet someone). If you’re single and happy, rock on.

This week, I read Sarah Butler’s Ten Things I’ve Learnt About Love, a story about fathers and daughters that isn’t quite what you’d expect.

Or, if you’d rather read about mothers and daughters, don’t miss Barabara Toner’s amazing book of advice, Because I Love You.

In other relationship news, studies find that oversharing on Facebook hurts relationships. Well, duh.

Apparently, travelling together strengthens relationships and leads to better sex. Depending of course, on the hotel room. (In my opinion, dodgy bedspreads and brick wall views can kinda kill the vibe).

A good one for those doing #FebClutterBust from The Happiness Project: do you find yourself falling for these 12 Familiar Myths About Clutter?

Still on #FebClutterBust, Why Old Clothes Won’t Motivate You To Lose Weight, plus other clutter myths from Lifehacker.


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    Thank you for helping spread the word about Europe in a Box Rachel! You’re a star!

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