RC’s posting FAQ

guest posts and sponsored postsWant to guest post on Reality Chick? Great. I accept occasional guest posts from fellow bloggers only. I also work with brands – such as Bookworld, Michael Hill, Durex, eHarmony, Groupon and ASOS, to name a few – on a sponsored or ‘partnered’ post basis. Confused? Here’s my handy FAQ about Reality Chick’s guest post and partnered post policy. If your question isn’t answered here, email me.

Who do you accept guest posts from?
My guest posters are writers or bloggers who have their own blog about dating, relationships, health, lifestyle, women’s issues, men’s issues, personal stuff, parenthood etc. Bloggers who are keen to write about dating and relationships on Reality Chick, with a link BACK to their blogs.

Great, that sounds like me. What now?
Drop me a line with some info about yourself and your blog. Your Twitter or Facebook handle. Some links to bylined work – posts that you have written that have your byline or bio attached. And if you’re super keen, some ideas you think might work on RC and we can go from there.

How can I guarantee a response from you?
If you’re a regular reader of Reality Chick and show that in your email, as well as addressing me by name (Rachel), I am far less likely to think you are a spammer / charlatan / person trying to hoodwink me / person sending the same email to a million other bloggers.

I’m a blogger, but I’m not promoting my blog. I blog for other people and get paid for it. Can I still guest-post on RC?
Nup. Any posts promoting a large brand or company selling a product or service are considered advertising and fall under my sponsored/partnered post section. These posts are always written by me and a fee is charged to the client or digital company promoting the brand. I’m a professional writer and fees are worked out on a case by case basis.

Okay, fine, I will pay you $10 and I will write it and you can put it in your sponsored post section.
Um, no.

I’m a blogger but I don’t have my own blog. I can’t really tell you what links I’ll be putting in my guest post. I can’t give you any social media info about me, or any info at all really. I’m an international person of mystery, that’s how I roll. But can’t you just take my guest post?

Sorry, but no. I value transparency, am paranoid about plagiarism and I appreciate people being upfront in their emails. I get a gazillion emails a day and I don’t like being sent on a magical mystery tour. Unless it’s one I’ve paid for and it includes vineyards and wine.

I work for a PR or digital agency and look after a brand that has great synergy with Reality Chick.
Great! Get in touch with me and we can talk about a partnered post.

For all other queries and questions, drop me a line.