RC’s review of the LoveCase (and our two lucky winners!)

RC’s review of the LoveCase (and our two lucky winners!)

LoveCase verticalI love functional stuff which creates any semblance of order in my handbag. So when these gorgeous mirrored condom wallets crossed my radar, it was instant lust. These babies are actually called LoveCases, and they’re the brain child of Anna Angelakis from ExsyDesigns. Each case holds 2-3 condoms to give women a discreet but stylish way to carry condoms, and I can think of no better giveaway right now, especially considering the push to re-ignite the somewhat jaded safe sex message – like The Little Black Dress Campaign, a joint venture between RSVP and Family Planning NSW to tackle rising rates of STIs in over-40 women. Or this study, which found more young people are ignoring the safe sex message and ending up with STIs which may affect their fertility.
If you’re a Sydneysider, you may have spotted these cute condom wallets in stores around the city, but if not, you’re in luck: thanks to ExsyDesigns I’ve got two Love Cases worth $19.95 to give away. Fancy one for yourself, a friend, or maybe even your teenage daughter to teach her about the importance of safe sex and carrying condoms? It’s easy to enter below. (Also, I KNOW it’s only October, but wouldn’t this make a wicked stocking stuffer?)

Thanks to all who entered! I’ve just drawn the winners and they are: Meg and Rebecca Scarinci! Congrats to both of you. Thanks to ExsyDesigns you’ll soon have a cute condom wallet winging its way to your postbox!

This competition is now over, but… I’m giving away movie tickets to The Sessions this week, and there’ll be another DVD comp coming up later in the week, too. To stay in the loop with all our giveaways, columns and new Q&As, find us on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or via The Scoop.

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  1. Rosemary 8 years ago

    What a fantastic idea! Great colours and nice and compact too. These are going to make great little gifts. Thank you Exsy

  2. Meg 8 years ago

    Thank you very much, RC!

  3. Lynn Fisk 8 years ago

    Fabulous idea, should have been on the market ages ago. With Christmas coming up, I want to purchase these for my daughters friends, (and my daughter of course). I think Pink ones all round, where can they be purchased.

  4. Sarah 8 years ago

    I would so love one! They all look so cute, especially the Zebra pattern. Love the idea how we can now carry our condoms discreetly!

  5. rebecca scarinci 8 years ago

    I’d love the gold sparkley one and I need one because I do not want anymore babies.With teenage kids,they get repulsed everytime they find a condom in my purse or in my bag

  6. Meg 8 years ago

    Oohh i love the zebra one…very discrete and very cute!
    I think its a great idea to keep condoms seperate from your purse…I have had a few embarrassing moments at the shops when I went to pull out some cash and the condom fell out as well!

    Btw…your link to ExsyDesigns site isn’t working….

    • Author
      reality chick 8 years ago

      Oh crap! Thanks Meg, I’ve fixed it now.

  7. Bahar 8 years ago

    Best wallets ever, they are light, fashion-forward and beautiful! I personally love them.

  8. Kate 8 years ago

    I’d love one because I’m sick of stuffing condoms in a half-empty tampon case at the bottom of my bag… these look lovely!

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