Reality Chick’s Friday Round-up #1

Reality Chick’s Friday Round-up #1

Reality Chick's Friday Round-Up

My little round-up of weekend reading, RC HQ news and any other bits and bobs.

Some good articles from the last couple of weeks…

  1. 8 Things I’ve Learned From 8 Years of Marriage From The Huffington Post
  2. 12 Days of Grumpy Cat Christmas – bit rude but hilarious! From Buzzfeed animals
  3. Confusing ‘I’m like him’ with ‘I like him’ From the SMH
  4.  Horses as a new kind of couples therapy? From ABC News
  5.  Are you commitmentphobic? Blame your parents, say researchers From Science Daily
  6.  My Shazam Boobs From
  7.  The Rise of the Bedtime Worker From
  8.  Therapy Over The Phone As Effective As Face To Face From University of Cambridge
  9.  ‘Love Conductor’ Brings NY Subway Riders Together From Today Relationships
  10.  The Do’s and Don’ts of Infidelity From the Huffington Post

Buy through RC's Amazon affiliate link and you're helping support this blog.Shopping, affiliate links, and RC

Some of you may have noticed I’ve added a couple of affiliate ads to the site in the past week, and have started doing regular sponsored posts, which I write myself. These kinds of things are pretty integral to keeping RC chugging along, and in particular I just wanted to mention the affiliate link thing. If you DO happen to be shopping at Amazon or The Book Depository, I would love you to bookmark my affiliate links, as I earn a little commission from anything you buy (this costs you no extra, they’re just rewarding me for sending you over to them). The Book Depository in particular is one of my new favourite sites; it have masses of heavily discounted books, and free postage to Australia and many other countries. Big love to you for supporting RC – every little bit helps keep me, you know, fed.

Are you feeling lucky?Competitions

It’s been a big month for comps at RC HQ – possibly the biggest giveaway month EVER on the site, thanks to the kind peeps at Roadshow, Icon, BVI and Hopscotch. I’ve drawn winners for 2 Days in New York movie tickets, Celeste and Jesse Forever movie tickets, Friends With Kids DVDs and Hysteria DVDs. Congrats to all who won! There are usually a couple of comps running every week so check the competition section for the latest.

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