REVIEW: The Bling Ring (and our 5 DVD winners!)

REVIEW: The Bling Ring (and our 5 DVD winners!)

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Sofia Coppola’s movies are hit and miss for me (loved Lost in Translation, found Marie Antoinette a bit meh) so I was keen to see her latest, The Bling Ring. A vacant iciness seeps into Coppola’s work sometimes and it’s particularly chilling in Bling, which revolves around a group of vain, dead-eyed LA brats whose main hobby is robbing celebrity homes while the stars are out.

Paris Hilton, Audrina Partridge, Orlando Bloom and Lindsay Lohan all cop it, not least because their addresses are easy to find online and they’ve left the door open! Once inside, the gang calmly pinch whatever catches their eye: couture, cash, drugs, a loaded gun. (The fact that they snap endless photos of themselves with their hauls then post the pix on Facebook also clearly makes them candidates for the Dumb and Dumber sequel.)

Bling is based on a real story and the ensemble cast features Harry Potter star Emma Watson. Her character is home-schooled by her nutbag mother (Leslie Mann) in new-age ideas closely aligned with The Secret. Visualising what you want and bringing it into your life? This kid learned her lessons well.

Overall, it’s an intriguing and scary look into how easily, in our online ‘everyone’s a celebrity’ culture, the lines can be blurred between right and wrong, star and wannabe. For this group of kids, those lines simply don’t exist.

To win a copy I asked you… To tell me the type of picture YOU’D never put on Facebook. Congrats to Marc, Jocelyn R, Amanda Gorton, Sarah T and MP – you’re the lucky winners in our draw today! We’ll be contacting you shortly to arrange your prize. Don’t forget to subscribe to The Scoop if you’d like to hear about upcoming giveaways

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  1. Tess Lindsay 7 years ago

    Me rocking out to 80’s music after a bad break-up… we ALL do it, but it’s a road we must walk alone…

  2. Sandra 7 years ago

    Photo’s of my kids and any identifiying object that can be linked to them or myself. Photo’s of baby ultrasounds (has been done by a friend of mine’s sister – supposedly on the sister’s behalf… ummmmm No.) Photo’s of what I am eating… I mean, what’s the point… I’ve eaten it. It only makes everyone else hungry. Thank you.

  3. Ryan 7 years ago

    I wouldn’t put up any photos of myself on facebook whatsoever. I’ve heard too many scare stories of identity theft, I’m happy to interact with my friends on facebook without photos.

  4. Cian 7 years ago

    Me standing against a white wall. To be honest, you wouldn’t see me anyway as I’m so pale I’d just blend in.

  5. Tania Stolpe 7 years ago

    Anything I would not be okay showing my mother! I’m no prude but once it’s online, it’s public property, something I’m definitely not!

  6. Laura C 7 years ago

    My child, whilst toilet training. I have seen others post similar pictures and, believe me, there are some things only a mother can love!

  7. Barbara Fehmel 7 years ago

    I would never ever, ever put a naked picture of ME, on as it is not a pretty sight.

  8. Laura Jilka 7 years ago

    Pictures in my underwear,
    People would point and stare!
    Not even for a dare!!!

  9. Kelly EVANS 7 years ago

    I’d NEVER Flash my Gash! A little decorum is what the world needs!

  10. Melissa Brown 7 years ago

    Anything that is captioned ” BEFORE” ….. it would never be pretty.

  11. Jen Hale 7 years ago

    Me exercising or just finished exercising. Whilst the job’s gotta be done, it ain’t pretty 🙂

  12. jarree shelverton 7 years ago

    I wouldn’t put photo’s up people eating, it’s really grouse seeing mangled up food!

  13. Kirsten W 7 years ago

    The photo of my Year 10 formal. Pink taffeta dress, chin length spiral perm, pasty white skin. Actually, any photo of that era would be on my banned list. My memory is reminder enough of those fashion fail days!

  14. Marc 7 years ago

    Photos of my kids. The further away they stay from social networking, the better.

  15. Tess Howard 7 years ago

    Premenstrual me, Uggs, favourite trackie dacks and a stack of Tim Tams. May feel like bliss to me, but not something I need to share with the world.

  16. Kerry Green 7 years ago

    I’d never put a picture of my 20 yr old son as he’d never forgive me.

  17. Nicole 7 years ago

    A pic of the bride’s dress before the wedding – a friend of mine who was a bridesmaid did it – definitely not cool!

  18. Daniela Barbaro 7 years ago

    I’d never put on a selfie of my big behind in swimwear….I may be toned but it’s a fat ass

  19. Marguerite Bradley 7 years ago

    Me pulling a duck face with the peace sign……that would want to make be die!

  20. VandaB 7 years ago

    Any photo of me without makeup. I don’t leave the house without my ‘face’ on. I even put makeup on to go to the gym! It’s just an insecurity I know, but I’m okay with it.

  21. AmberB 7 years ago

    Any photos of me aged nine. I had the worst ever bowl cut imaginable! I looked like an extra from Star Trek … yuck yuck yuck!

  22. Sandi Giles 7 years ago

    A pic of my vajayjay with a dildo in the same pic, that stys on pic at home lol 🙂

  23. bron 7 years ago

    Anything in any way, shape or form personal. No photos, not of me or the kids, no details of my day to day life (as boring as it is), i don’t have my workplace, school on there, nor is my friends list visible.

    Facebook is all about gleaning every last scrap they can out of people, and then making money from it.

    I’m only on there very reluctantly, and i can be very sure there is nothing on there that can ever place me in an embarrassing situation

  24. Tabatha 7 years ago

    Anything remotely related to twerking

  25. Rachael Rowberry 7 years ago

    A picture of myself when I wake up in the morning. What a fright. Don’t want to scare anyone. 🙂

  26. Siobhan 7 years ago

    Me. Pie Face. 3am. My face covered in a meat pie and iced coffee mix up.

  27. Marie Pohnetalova 7 years ago

    Me on a night out – messy, not pretty, and a very sobering outlook (only the next day!)

  28. Roberto Colombi 7 years ago

    my walk of shame the next day!

  29. Jocelyn R 7 years ago

    I’d never put a photo of anything I wouldn’t want to see on the front page of the newspaper. Anything we put online is forever, and I really don’t want to wake up one day and have all my dirty laundry in the Sunday papers.

  30. Caroline Gunnulson 7 years ago

    Photos pre-Coffee in the morning, so not a good look. Also Camping photos…scary..

  31. Falon Downing 7 years ago

    Anything naked eek!

  32. Amanda Gorton 7 years ago

    I never use photos either but I would never have any image that is too sadistic – your profile picture is a reflection of who you are and I want mine to portray a kind and friendly personality

  33. melanie w 7 years ago

    Photos of myself in bathers not the most flattering

  34. Abby L 7 years ago

    A photo of me at the shops when I have pulled a sickie!

  35. Emily Rose 7 years ago

    Anything with any type of body fluids.Amazing how many girls post photos of themselves going to the loo!

  36. Kristina S 7 years ago

    Close ups, not very photogenic 🙁

  37. christina 7 years ago

    Any photos of just waking up and messed hair!! Or nude or semi-nude pictures.

  38. Benjamin Travia 7 years ago

    Anything related to my cat. He’s an extraordinarily private feline.

  39. Tara N 7 years ago

    Photos of people who haven’t given permission to be on there, or pictures that could hurt someone – there’s too much negativity, we need to be more positive.

  40. Janine Gardiner 7 years ago

    Pics of me with a politician…. any politician. Would never live that one down.

  41. Merryl 7 years ago

    Any photos of me. I am a very private person and I don’t want photos of me being accessible by everyone.

  42. Di Childs. 7 years ago

    Unflattering photos of myself. I hide or delete those, not put them on Facebook!

  43. sam greenwald 7 years ago

    anything that looks wierd

  44. Belinda Bonello 7 years ago

    I’d never put a photo of me making a duck face.

  45. Missylee 7 years ago

    A deadly serious face, life is to fun for plain boring unsmiling faces.

  46. MP 7 years ago

    1. Anything that doesn’t align with my values e.g. pictures promoting guns
    2. Photos of me with friends if I really think that they don’t look “at their best”. The measure of this is asking myself “Would they post it on their own wall?” (if the answer is “no” then I err on the side of caution. Even if I think I look pretty spiffy!
    3. Photos that have my lounge or kitchen in the background if it’s looking REALLY messy! (Sad, I know :))

  47. Mick G 7 years ago

    Up to date photos of myself or my family as Iam so paranoid about security and having them available to possible counterfeiters etc

  48. Christina 7 years ago

    My dad naked…I accidentally witnessed this phenomenon and it was not pretty and I wouldn’t want anyone to know I was related…sorry dad!

  49. Rae graham 7 years ago

    Me without makeup -no one wants to see that!

  50. Ali 7 years ago

    any naked or sex-related pics of me… that’s for me and my partner only! 😉

  51. Sarah T 7 years ago

    A photo of my son having a bottle! People can be so judgmental, Its something I never did or will do.

  52. Jade O'shea 7 years ago

    Anything nude. I feel comfortable in my own skin yet is don’t need the whole world to see my flaws. I accept who I am, yet I don’t need strangers gawking at my stretch marks etc!

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