Thanks for sharing. Not

Thanks for sharing. Not

I often hear stories of people ‘whoopsie’ looking at their partner’s mobile phone and just happening to read through the text messages. That is NOT okay on many levels. In fact, I’ll get on my high horse here and say it’s a complete invasion of privacy and totally crosses the line. It gets me thinking about other things that couples do to invade each other’s personal space, and here’s my list. It’s by no means exhaustive so feel free to add to it. Crossing the line is:
~ Squeezing each other zits (Ewwwww. A solo activity if there ever was one)
~ Plucking hairs from each others body (unless one half of the couple is professional waxer)
~ Wearing each other’s underwear (unless you’re into that sort of kinky caper)
~ Sharing a toothbrush (unless dire emergency)
~ Wearing matching clothes (unless you play for the same netball team. Posh’n’Becks aren’t the only celebrities guilty of  this one.)
~ Sharing an email address (Sometimes handy, but mostly we should all have our own emails, right?)
~ Buying each other’s very personal items (Girls should buy their own tampons. Guys should buy their own nose hair clippers. End of story.)
~ Eating from each other’s plates (One shared taste is permissible, except for dessert, which should be shared by law)
~ Sharing the bathroom whilst one person is peeing. (Let’s keep some bodily functions a mystery, hey?)
Seen a couple cross the line? I wanna hear about it…

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  1. Ali 11 years ago

    Definitely yes on the zits and hair-plucking and toothbrush sharing… just yuck even though I know I shouldn’t care about that one, given the THINGS we do with our partner in bed anyway.
    I’m not dead against peeing in front of my husband… beyond that, nope.

    As for the reading of text messages, I think all bets are off if you suspect he’s cheating. Just saying…

  2. Steph 11 years ago

    Love this list. I definitely agree with the zits and the hair-plucking. Keep some mystery people.

  3. CdnGuy 11 years ago

    waaaayyy too rigid:(

  4. Susie 11 years ago

    Awww, bit harsh on the tampons RC. I don’t mind my boyfriend buying mine – it’s a test of his devotion, don’t you think? 🙂


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