She ended our long distance relationship but now misses me

She ended our long distance relationship but now misses me

My girlfriend ended things with me because of long distance. We’d been broken up for two months when she calls me out of the blue to tell me she misses me and asks if I’m available or not. I tell her no and she says, ‘OK, thanks for letting me know’. But when I asked later what she thought about us, I didn’t hear from her in a few days. Then I called her. She told me she hopes I am doing well, but a long distance relationship won’t work out. Is this a test or what? I don’t know if she may have wanted to work out things or not. Louis

Louis my man – sometimes girls are really cruel. They break up with guys and then they get a little lonely a few months back into single life and they call them for ‘a chat’. What they’re really doing is giving themselves an ego boost by seeing if the guy is still pining after them and whether that door might still be open should they feel like walking back in. Deep down, they don’t really want to get back together, so it’s pretty pointless and confusing for all parties. So here it is in black and white: She doesn’t want a) a long distance thing; b) to put in the hard yards and make it work against the odds or c) to get back together.

So unless you’ve planning a big move soon to be closer to her or really thought she was ‘the one’ – just forget about her mind games and concentrate on your new relationship. If she calls again, just be polite and friendly, but don’t get sucked into calling her repeatedly or wondering what might have been.

Love, reality chick

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