Do I ask his friends for his number?

Do I ask his friends for his number?

I hooked up with a guy on a birthday party and didn’t get the chance to exchange numbers or messenger… he was drunk … but I think I like him… should I ask his friends for his number? Suz

Definitely. I understand your reticence Suz but I’m a fan of brave post-hook-up action by either party. He could be kicking himself right now for not getting yours, and hey – life’s too short to mess around with wondering. My advice is, ask his mates for the number and if you’re too shy to call him, send a flirty text to say hi and suss out how the land lies (don’t forget to read our review on the new Flirtexting book). Hopefully he’ll be flattered and things can go from there, but if not, at least you’ll know that you gave it a crack.
Love, reality chick

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