Should I talk babies with my new man?

Should I talk babies with my new man?
I‘m 38, desperate for a baby and have been looking into doing it on my own for quite some time. But, here’s the snag – I’ve just met a great new guy. We’re 3 months in, and my clock is still ticking. Should I tell him my desire to start a family sooner rather than later, or will that scare him off? Sue
Wow. Tough one. You’re at the business end of your 30s, staring down a turkey baster and wanting to make your own damn choice with regards to reproduction, rather than waiting on fate. Kudos for your courage lady. Sure, your new guy might be understandably startled if you start browsing the Dummies Guide to Baby Names and Finding the Perfect Sperm Donor 101, but you really don’t have time to waste, do you? Much as you’d like to put a gag on your ticking clock and spend a year or so getting to know your new beau, I reckon you need to be upfront. Tell him you’ve been contemplating going the solo parenthood route for some time, but you’ve put those plans on ice since meeting him – because you’re not sure where things are going. Stress that you know it’s early, but that you just want him to know where you stand and where you’re at. Don’t delay. When you’re older, all bets are off when it comes to parenthood. If he reluctant to even discuss it, or doesn’t want kids, then maybe it’s time to go back to plan A. After all, nobody should miss out on having a kid waiting for someone else to make up their mind.
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