SP: 15 Surprising Facts You Never Knew About Casual Dating

SP: 15 Surprising Facts You Never Knew About Casual Dating


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There is absolutely nothing I like more than a sexy survey. How people date, how they have sex, how often they have sex… bring it on. So today, I’m going to share with you some amazing facts and figures that came out of a recent global survey by dating website c-date.

Researchers polled over 8000 people aged 20-59 on all kinds of sex and dating topics – from their favourite places to do the deed, to which nationalities are best in bed. (Feel free to turn this into a drinking game with whoever you’re in casual cahoots with.)


1. Flirting with strangers… According to research, a whopping 63.6 percent of Aussies are ‘shy or not very confident’ when it comes chatting people up in bars. But that doesn’t stop us bonking strangers.

2.Sleeping with a stranger… We get there in the end it seems: 57.4 percent of Aussies have slept with someone they don’t know. And apparently, the better educated you are, the more likely you are to go in for one-night stands!

3.Is sex better with a stranger? A rather sizeable 36.8 percent of Aussies think so.

4.More sex if it was on offer… We’ll just file this one in the ‘Well, duh’ pile. Because around 39 percent of Aussies would say yes to casual sex if they met the right people / were in the right situations.


5.Sharing fantasies… A whopping 30 percent of respondents have never talked openly about what they want in bed. In Australia, only 16 percent of people admit to telling their lover what they want in bed.

6.Dating someone new… 49.3 percent of Aussies would be a little embarrassed before going on a date with a complete and utter stranger.

7.Sex in public… It’ll probably come as no surprise that 15 percent of singles fancy public sex. Mountains, lakes, forests, beaches are all fair game as that infographic, top, shows.

8.Sex on the beach… It may be the name of a cocktail, but it’s also a favourite alfresco bonking spot for 31 percent of singles. Yes, even though sand in the underpants can totally kill the moment.

9.Forest action… wins over beaches. Yes, 37 percent of singles like getting in touch with their inner Bear Grylls. I just hope, if you’re a forest lover, you go for the type without real bears.

10.What about bondage? Well, 13 percent of singles admit to experimenting. Which seems low. Seriously, who hasn’t given a pair of furry handcuffs a whirl at least once in their lives?

EN-most_successful_in_bed11.Break out the whips and nipple clamps… But, 15 percent of people think sex is no fun without crossing that fine line between pleasure and pain.

12.Sex and pain… If it’s not your thing, you’re in fairly good company with 41 percent of people.

13.I kissed a girl… It’s not so strange. Around 28 percent of women have, as I like to say, ‘done a Katy Perry’. That includes a quite impressive 40 percent of women under 30. But, what researchers feel this shows is how more sexually relaxed younger people are these days. Only 15 percent of women over 50 had kissed another woman.

14.I kissed a boy… Are the blokes telling porkies? In comparison, only 16 percent of men have kissed someone of the same sex. But, better educated men were more likely to have experimented with other dudes.

15.Who’s best in bed? According to research, 25 percent of respondents rated Italian women as the best lovers, while 23 percent felt Brazilian blokes had the boudoir action down pat.

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