SP: 8 tips for moving in with with the one you love

SP: 8 tips for moving in with with the one you love
SP: 8 tips for moving in with with the one you love
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Moving in together… ahhhh. It sounds so romantic, and don’t get me wrong, it can be an amazing new chapter in your lives together. But don’t kid yourself – the packing and moving part sucks big hairy balls. In fact, UK research shows that moving can be more stressful than starting a new job OR enduring a break-up. So follow my trusty guide to make it as painless as possible (and to ensure your relationship survives intact).

1. Timing is everything when booking removalists.
You’re nabbed a lease on a great apartment and you want to move in yesterday. Not to burst your love bubble, but peak moving season is before Christmas or Easter, so locking in last-minute removalists during those busy times might be near impossible.

2. De-clutter BEFORE you pack.
Yes, it’s time to cull your 500 self-help books and shoes missing a heel that you swear you’ll fix ‘one day’. Ditto all those double-ups of every kitchen utensil known to man (do you really need four spatulas?). And it might be an idea to measure your new space and the furniture you both have and do a floorplan of where everything will fit, so you can cull big pieces now.

3. That said, don’t start a slanging match about his ugly bachelor chair.
You’ll have an opportunity at the new place to shake your head mournfully and say, ‘Darling, much as I love it I just have no idea where this gorgeous antique chair of yours is going to fit. Maybe we should keep it in storage for now…’

4. Packing the night before is madness.
And pretty much a one-way ticket to ending your relationship before you’ve even ticked ‘co-habiting’ on the Sensis form. Professional packers actually suggest you start packing 6-7 weeks before a move. (Gulp.)

5. A random collection of boxes from the supermarket won’t cut it.
Make like a grown up and hire or buy flat boxes for TV, mirrors and artwork, and purpose-made plastic covers to protect soft furnishings like chairs and mattresses. Self-storage companies like Fort Knox offer specialist packing items; see here for details.

6. Lazy labelling will do your head in.
Be specific. Trust me, having ‘cutlery, mugs, kettle and teabags’ on a box will mean a million bucks to you when it’s midnight and you’re knackered and all you want is a hot cuppa. Far more so than if every box has been hurriedly marked ‘kitchen’.

7. Photograph all your electrics before unplugging.
It’ll save you a lot of swearing and arguments on the other as you try to figure out how to hook up the telly and the Foxtel box in time for Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

8. Have booze at the other end.
And pizza menus. And crates of beer to give your partner’s mates who ended up bringing their utes round when you failed to book a removalist.

Are you a seasoned mover? What are your top packing tips/hacks?

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  1. Jessica Bridges 5 years ago

    Really helpful post and at the same time very humorous! Moving house is pretty difficult thing and it needs some serious planning and arranging. My daughter is about to move house with her fiance and I would like to help them with some tips and ideas! Thanks for sharing!

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