SP: Who won our Valentine’s Day / be2 Hilton stay?

SP: Who won our Valentine’s Day / be2 Hilton stay?


And, the grand prize winner is… BENJAMIN TRAVIA! Thanks everyone and Ben, we’ll be in touch.

This competition is kindly brought to you by dating website be2 Australia

What would your perfect Valentine’s Day look like? Mine would invariably involve my favourite champagne, a swanky hotel room and of course Mr Chick by my side. So, I’ve teamed up with the lovely peeps at dating site be2, to plan my dream prize for one of you to win and enjoy. Don’t worry, I won’t be gate-crashing and borrowing your monogrammed robe. Probably.

If you win this awesome prize, you’ll score a three-month membership to be2 if you’re single (transferable if you’re taken) and a Hilton romance package (or equivalent in your State) which includes overnight accommodation in a Deluxe Room, breakfast for two, sparkling wine in room upon arrival, delicious plate of chocolate dipped strawberries and 1pm delayed checkout. Oh lordy, I hope Mr Chick is reading and getting his credit card out.

While I’m expecting this competition will be popular with couples, of course you don’t need to have a partner to win and enjoy it! Maybe you’re a single mum who’d kill for a posh hotel stay sans kids… or perhaps you’d fancy a girls’ night at the Hilton with a friend or two. Your choice!

To enter the draw… you had to like be2 on Facebook and tell me in the comments what your YOUR best Valentine’s Day would look like.

This competition is now over… but we’ll have more coming up very soon. Stay tuned!

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  1. Ann 6 years ago

    We’d spend a lazy morning in bed reading self-penned love letters to each other, before descending into a rowdy pillow fight. Then mozy on down to Luna Park in St Kilda where I’d choose the scariest rides so as to feel his protective arms around me (romantic) as I scream piercing shrieks of genuine terror in his ear (not so romantic). Later we’d eat fish and chips on the beach as my beloved entertained me with his best impression of a mating seagull which he insists always works (I myself suspect it’s the lure of the chips). As the sun bids the day adieu to reveal the stars, we’d sit contentedly wrapped in each other’s embrace, silent apart from the gentle murmur of the waves lapping on the shore.

  2. Jess 6 years ago

    Picnic in the park after dark, no fancy champagne just some tasty street food cooked with love and light enough to put me in a dancing mood. Skip and a hop its off for some window shopping, nightime adoring of things i cant afford. Walk a little further grab his coat to keep me warm, best get home to the kids before dawn.

  3. Vija 6 years ago

    Pyjamas picnic in the bed till noonish, a hot tub afternoon and then a home delivered catered dinner with champagne in the evening

  4. Fiona 6 years ago

    Make-up with a forklift applied, lots of powder under tired mum eyes. That perfect frock that makes hubby go “HEY!!”. (waxed in areas in case we play!). Emergency call to reliable mum, “please take these kids”, we NEED a night of fun. Dinner (without kids) I can’t remember, maybe back 2009, I think September. Cocktails, dinner and quality partner………(who’s he again?) time. Oh such a Valentines Day BE MINE!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Rachael Lee-anne Rowberry 6 years ago

    Everything done for me would be simply divine without that sweet child of mine. I won’t go out of my mind. I don’t need a reality check for a good time I just need lots of wine. Pampered would be on my list and I’m sure my husband couldn’t resist seeing my face full of bliss.

  6. Trudi 6 years ago

    Perfect valentines day involves a sleep in, breakfast and coffee in bed next to the hubby, then opening the blinds to realise we’ve been transported to an over water bungalow. Jump off the balcony into the perfectly clear water, spend the day drinking champagne and snorkelling, then an amazing candle lit dinner on said balcony! The Hilton would be good too though! : )

  7. Bubble Girl 6 years ago

    My perfect Valentine’s Day was simply having my husband by my side this year – between previously being on deployment in the army and then doing fly in fly out work for the past couple of years, I didn’t need the chocolates or flowers, it was enough just to wake up with him by my side.

  8. Scott 6 years ago

    My perfect Valentine’s Day had been getting home to a home cooked candle lit dinner and when it came time for dessert my partner brought out some almond croissants, like the ones we didn’t get to try on a weekend away the week before. Then he says ‘present time’, and brings out a pineapple lamp that he had overheard me mentioning to a friend that I loved but couldn’t justify… on the same weekend away. No he hadn’t bought both and hidden them in the spare room… he drove a four hour round trip on Valentine’s Day to give them to me that night. Now my perfect Valentine’s Day is just being with him. Happy Valentine’s Day to all the lovers!

  9. Sarah T 6 years ago

    My perfect Valentine’s Day was a reality this year. I had a lovely Valentine’s morning with my beautiful little boy with a picnic at the park. The when my fiance finished work my mum babysat and we had a lovely meal at our favourite restaurant. It was a day filled with love spent with my two favourite boys.

  10. Kim B 6 years ago

    My perfect Valentines day would start off being picked up in a limo and sent on a treasure hunt, with a series of clues, each one leading me on to the next. Starting at the day spa being pampered and spoilt. Getting my hair, nails and makeup done, then given a sexy new outfit, all the while collecting little pressies along the way. Ending up at the beach, following a trail of rose petals to a romantic dinner for two under the stars. With afterwards being whisked away to the Hilton for the perfect ending to a perfect day.

  11. Kara 6 years ago

    Kids gone wild
    House a mess
    With patience I must be blessed
    A night away at The Hilton- Just hubby and me
    Is this stressed Mummy’s fantasy!!

    Chilled champagne
    Breakfast cooked for me
    Would be a blessing, as you can see
    And uninterupted snuggle time
    Oooh this all sounds so divine!!

  12. melanie w 6 years ago

    The Hilton Romance package sounds alot like my best Valentines day but my day would also include a suprise early morning flight to Melbourne to enjoy a Valentines kiss on the Sky Deck 88 floors above the city that would make it the best! Liked on facebook as mellie jane

  13. melanie w 6 years ago

    The Hilton Romance package sounds alot like my best Valentines day but my day would also include a suprise early morning flight to Melbourne to enjoy a Valentines kiss on the Sky Deck 88 floors above the city that would make it the best!

  14. mama bear 6 years ago

    Well I’ve tried sun, sand and sex Valentine’s on Champagne beach and frankly getting the sand out doesn’t appeal.

    So ideally well, let’s start with the bubbles instead of the bubbas and enjoy that sleep in between some very sand-less crisp white sheets mmmmm….

  15. sam greenwald 6 years ago

    Any kind of spa getaway that involves a full body massage is my idea of the perfect Valentine’s Day.
    Relaxing, romantic and rewarding…….. for the both of us!

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  16. Amanda Gorton 6 years ago

    Any kind of spa getaway that involves a full body massage is my idea of the perfect Valentine’s Day.
    Relaxing, romantic and rewarding…….. for the both of us!

  17. Lynsey Buchanan 6 years ago

    My perfect Valentines Day would be spending the day in bed with my fella and not having to leave the house

  18. Karly 6 years ago

    The polar opposite of today’s which was a massive non-event (despite 10 years of togetherness) and was made all the more ordinary by having our son home from school unwell. I spent a lot of time reading kids books and building Lego. Really, I’ve earned a night away from the both of them!

  19. Benjamin Travia 6 years ago

    A picnic in Central Park (weather permitting) followed by a broadway show (money permitting) and culminating in a rickety but romantic ride home on the subway. I guess in this scenario I live in NYC.

  20. Janine Marie 6 years ago

    I think I’d love a day where the whole family gets together for a picnic and a treasure hunt for the kids, while the adults have a glass of wine and talk about how we all met our partners, and tell stories which make us laugh, think about romance or ponder the future. That’s romance for me.

  21. Di Childs 6 years ago

    My ideal Valentine’s Day would involve hubby and I in Gold Class, laying back with our feet up, watching a fantastic movie whilst being served delicious gourmet food and exotic cocktails. Followed by a relaxing overnight stay in a luxury hotel, much like this brilliant prize!

  22. Angela Hogan 6 years ago

    With the person I love the most I would start the day lazing in the comfort of my bed, have a long brunch somewhere simple. Take a long walk in the park thinking about those closest to me and thanking everyone for all the love they have given me. I would spend the afternoon beside the pool and at night I would find the most wickedest desert and share it with my bestie.

  23. Andrew 6 years ago

    My perfect Valentines Day would be a day of inexpensive romance. We would walk to the city together (even if it is 8km from my house!) along a bike path, away from all the hustle and bustle of busy roads; talking, appreciating nature and holding hands. When we arrived in the city we would visit an art gallery (or two), which we would follow by having a lovely homemade picnic, spreading out a picnic rug in one of the city’s beautiful parks. Catching public transport to save our legs, when we were home I would give my beautiful girlfriend a massage until she fell asleep, finishing the day with a kiss on her forehead.

  24. Brenda 6 years ago

    Oh Lordy – my perfect Valentines Day would include a yoga class and then just lazing about in a swanky hotel room, maybe a nice dinner out somewhere or room service and a bit of steamy relations where the kids can’t walk in on you!!!! Followed by a very good nights sleep and then rinse and repeat until 1pm the next day!!! xx

    • Scot 6 years ago

      My perfect Valentines Day would be waking up somewhere tropical over looking a crystal clear blue ocean, with someone special next to me. Then spend the day relaxing and enjoying the time with that someone.. and don’t forget to to include great food as well 🙂

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