SP: Love a man (or woman) in uniform? Here’s where to meet one.

SP: Love a man (or woman) in uniform? Here’s where to meet one.
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I know it’s a cliche, but a man in uniform has always sent me a little weak at the knees. Is it the hero thing? The tough, take-no-prisoners vibe? Or just the hot authority figure / damsel in distress fantasy? Who knows, but the phoooar factor persists even now I’m happily married. (Mr Chick, if you’re reading this and ever get the urge to dress up as a fireman – or an anaesthetist in scrubs a la Patrick from Offspring – I won’t be complaining.)

After doing a little Googling, though, it seems I’m not far off the mark. According to psychologists, men in uniform tap into many women’s desire to date a father figure, or a guy who exudes heroism, protection and power (along with a heady dash of excitement and adventure). Yup, that sounds about right.

Back in reality though, it’s a sad fact that relationships aren’t a bed of roses for doctors, cops, pilots, firefighters, air hosties and other uniformed workers – who battle shift work, large chunks of time away from home, and the possibility of missing some, if not all, of life’s important occasions. That’s a lot of extra pressure to put on a relationship and almost a quarter of uniformed Aussies admitted they’ve watched a relationship bite the dust due to long work hours, according to a survey conducted on behalf of dating site www.uniformdating.com.

The irony is, while uniformed workers may look like they’re ‘married to the job’, 9 out of 10 insist they’re looking for a life partner as opposed to just a fling – and list trustworthiness and loyalty as their top personality traits. That’s good news for the 82 percent of Aussies who say they’d consider a relationship with a guy or gal in uniform. The key, of course, is understanding that if you’re dating someone in uniform, the job often has to come first, the hours are nuts and you’ll have to be an understanding and independent person to make it work (or work in a similar field yourself, so you just ‘get it’).

Now to the fun bit: who do we lust after most? According to the study, women have the hots mostly for doctors, firefighters and paramedics (no surprises there), followed closely by cops, pilots, nurses, lifeguards, and blokes in the army, navy and airforce. For men, nurses, doctors and air hostesses get the blood pumping. Interestingly, we differ from State to State too: doctors top the charts for more than a quarter of Sydneysiders; one in six Melburnians list their favourite uniformed professional as a police woman, while a quarter of those in Brisbane fancy air stewardesses the most.

So, if you’re single, dig a guy or gal in uniform and fancy trying a new bespoke dating site, check out www.uniformdating.com – you never know where it might lead! (If you’re lucky, it may be to a hunk in a firefighter’s outfit.)

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