SP: Messed up? 11 ideas for saying sorry

SP: Messed up? 11 ideas for saying sorry

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Love is grand – except when you really piss your partner off. I’ve been there and there’s nothing worse than being stuck in a ‘no speakies’ limbo with the one you love. So I’m sharing with you my top apology ideas to help you get back into the good books.

1. A really heartfelt apology. Sometimes, it doesn’t pay to be cute or funny. You just have to put it all on the line and say genuinely, ‘I’m sorry I hurt your feelings / didn’t make it to your dad’s birthday / turned your favourite shirt blue etc etc. I love you and hope you can forgive me’.

2. A cute sorry card. Great for when you’re in the doghouse but know you can probably worm your way out with something that makes your partner smile. You’ll find a heap of great card options on Etsy. Keep it simple – a card that says ‘I am a jerk’ may say it all.

3. Flowers. An oldie but a goodie. Do make sure flowers aren’t your fallback routine whenever you mess up because your partner will just start to dread getting them. Make sure you give them at other times too, just for no reason.

4. Baked goods. Creme brulee cupcakes, heart shaped cookies, or heck – go the whole hog with a big cake with ‘Sorry’ on it in icing – you’ll either melt their heart or get it thrown at your head, but it’s worth a try. Lots of ideas on my Pinterest recipes for seduction board.

5. Make-up sex. Make it totally worth their while, make it all about them and finish up with how much you love them and hope they can forgive you.

6. Jewellery. A US jewellery company researched nearly 8000 customers and found that a huge proportion of their sales came from people buying jewels to say sorry. I agree that bling – from a store like Michael Hill – is a great way to suck up to someone who’s mad at you.

7. Singing apology. Anyone with a phone and a guitar can make a YouTube video these days and it’s truly genius – who doesn’t melt over someone singing them a song? Google ‘apology songs’ (I vote for Willie Nelson’s Always On My Mind).

8. An apology poem. It can be short but make it heartfelt and if you can, funny: “Roses are red, violets are blue, I’m so sorry I threw up on your new shoes…” (I’m sure you can do better!) Blue-tack it to where they’ll see it – a shelf in the fridge, the back of the loo door, their steering wheel.

9. An apology bookmark. If your SO is a huge bookworm, replace the bookmark in their current read with one you create, perhaps listing ‘Top Ten Reasons Why I Love You’ with 10 being, ‘You always forgive me when I act like a total ass clown’.

10. A ‘sorry’ stuffed toy. Once, after picking a huge fight with Mr Chick, I went to a toy store and got him a cute stuffed ‘Apology Platypus’ (see in the pic above), and left it in the back of the car wrapped up. He ripped off the paper, saw that furry face and forgave me instantly.

11. Get a pet to do your dirty work. If I had a pet I would totally exploit it whenever I needed to apologise. Put a cute ‘I’m so sorry’ sign around your dog / cat / budgie / hamster’s neck and push them in the direction of your cranky partner. Fingers crossed.

Ever cooked up a wicked apology idea that got you out of the doghouse? Please share with the rest of us!

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