SPONSORED POST: WHO WON the $250 RedBalloon voucher in our eHarmony competition?

SPONSORED POST: WHO WON the $250 RedBalloon voucher in our eHarmony competition?
Win a $250 RedBalloon voucher in our eHarmony competition!

A few facts and figures from eHarmony Australia’s technology, love and relationships survey

Well, folks, the time has come to reveal the winner of our huge eHarmony AU competition. We ran this comp to celebrate eHarmony Australia’s five-year anniversary, and dish out some facts and figures from the company’s survey on the impact of technology on love and relationships. You can check out the full infographic here.

We asked you to tell us who you’d share your $250 RedBalloon prize with if you won … and after our draw the grand prize, plus a three-month eHarmony Australia trial membership, will be whizzing its way to ELICA PRINCE! Congratuations Elica. We’ll be in touch with you.

Didn’t win? Sorry about that… but we’ve got two more competitions still running this week – to win Jamie Oliver DVD prize packs, and Torre DeRoche’s fabulous new book Love With A Chance of Drowning! Go on over and enter, and don’t forget – if you’re not already subscribed to The Scoop and a ‘liker’ of RC on Facebook, you might want to be to stay in the loop about new content and upcoming giveaways!

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  1. Elizabeth 8 years ago

    With my boyfriend
    for a spa weekend
    so we can spend
    time indulging to no end!

    Have also like eHarmony Aus on fb.

  2. cher haining 8 years ago

    Id share with the love of my life, Im proud to be his wife, together 45 years, we’ve outdone our peers. A romantic dinner would be a winner
    i like eharmony

  3. Sara Hayward 8 years ago

    Oh and I’ve liked eHarmony on facebook!

  4. Sara Hayward 8 years ago

    If I won the voucher I’d announce it to all my friends on Facebook…then I’ll drop the catch. The first person to tell me a story that makes me crack up (I’m talking about drink-spittin’ funniness here) will get to share the voucher with me. It’ll be fabulous, like some hyped up, virtual real life hunger games ritual and I’ll just sit on my computer chair watching my minions fight over the prize and cackle like a movie villain. FREE ENTERTAINMENT! Livin’ the dream!

    • Sara Hayward 8 years ago

      Oh my goodness… I just realised that I’m your minion… WHAT HAVE I BECOME!?

  5. David Lowden 8 years ago

    With my son Ben. He is 14, and we are very good ‘mates’. I am sure he and I could find an action ‘blokey’ experiences for us to enjoy together.

  6. melanie w 8 years ago

    If i won i would share with my mister hes a fly in fly out worker so it would be great to have a little time for just us! Like both pages on facebook as mellie jane.

  7. Graham Buckingham 8 years ago

    I would share this with my lovely partner of 6 kids and 7 and a half years.

  8. Ross 8 years ago

    I’d shout my ex to skydiving… the $250 should be enough for the training, plane flight and jump…

    …but not quite enough for the parachute.

    • Ross 8 years ago

      Have like the Facebook page

  9. Kobi Smith 8 years ago

    I’ll share with you if you want!

    Liked & Liked!

  10. Nichol Abraham 8 years ago

    I would share with my husband- even though he called me a loser for entering this and claimed I’d never win!

    Liked both pages

  11. Jillian Davies 8 years ago

    liked each page 🙂 goodluck everyone!

  12. Jillian Davies 8 years ago

    I would share this amazing prize with my beautiful daughter- After all, I shine because she sparkles xx

  13. Simone Beaty 8 years ago

    what they said- but better!

    Already liked the page 🙂

  14. Michael Berg 8 years ago

    I liked the page- things I do for my lady.

  15. Michael Berg 8 years ago

    the missus- or she’d kill me.

  16. joe 8 years ago

    My loyal partner,
    Who fills my day with laughter,
    Red Balloon Voucher delivers total zest,
    And those experiences are simply the best.

  17. fi 8 years ago

    I work with elderly volunteers who struggle to get by on a pension and yet they come in at volunteer for the community! I’d love to treat them to a special high tea with Red Balloon!

  18. christina 8 years ago

    I will share it with my fiance as we are getting married at the end of the year

    • christina 8 years ago

      Liked on FB

  19. Margaret P 8 years ago

    Was already a fan of eHarmony on facebook

    • Margaret P 8 years ago

      Also liked RC

  20. Margaret P 8 years ago

    We dream big, laugh lots.
    Know the best adventure spots.
    I’d take Hubby on a Red Balloon affair.
    ‘Cause life’s an experience we love to share.

  21. Shannon Abraham 8 years ago

    Oh and I liked your shit 🙂

  22. Shannon Abraham 8 years ago

    Facebook- to make bitches jelly!

  23. CHRIS MULHOLLAND 8 years ago

    I would Share it with my Partner by putting it towards a Romantic Hot Air Balloon Experience (Preferably Red) to bring us closer together Please.

  24. sam 8 years ago

    Hubby – he needs a treat for his birthday, the upcoming 50 is getting him down.

  25. Erica Keeys 8 years ago

    For my son, his 18th is but a few months away, really what do you get for an 18yr old these days?
    A voucher from RedBalloon of course, let him choose his own adventure!!

    • Erica Keeys 8 years ago

      PS have liked eHarmony on facebook 🙂

  26. Sharon 8 years ago

    I’d share it with my sister, as we both share similar hobbies. So it’d be a marvellous opportunity to have more adventurous experiences. Have liked both pages.

  27. Sheree Pallis 8 years ago

    Sharing a sunrise Hot-Air balloon flight,
    Straight to a gorgeous champagne breakfast delight
    Over the Hunter Valley with hubby I’ll share,
    A RedBalloon adventure will bring love in the air.

  28. Karina 8 years ago

    My sister she has a bub due soon a and a massage would be perfect!

  29. Tabatha McCarthy 8 years ago

    Spa Day with my best friend… so epic

  30. Helen Schulz 8 years ago

    The eHarmony membership would change the life of someone close to me. I’d share all this prize with hr.

  31. Rachael Rowberry 8 years ago

    Sharing with my hubby as he makes me feel so lovely. Everything he does is special and I can’t deny him something that he hasn’t paid for himself.
    Subscribed liked both pages. <3

  32. Linda Steabben 8 years ago

    I was thinking of hogging the lot
    … but reality (and honour) hit THIS chick
    (So sharing with my daughter will be my chosen pick!)

  33. Ash M 8 years ago

    I’d give it to my husband and son so they can go on a fishing experience. My husband works so hard and my son is making me proud with all his hard work at school. They deserve it.

  34. Lucy 8 years ago

    My boyfriend. We don’t have much money and I would love to be able to spoil him for just one day!

  35. Barbara Fehmel 8 years ago

    I love the idea of a High Tea voucher, or a dinner voucher, would make my day.

  36. Tess Howard 8 years ago

    I’d book the kidlets in with Nan and Pop….then enjoy some rare quiet time with my #1 Hubby!

  37. Mike S 8 years ago

    I am a previous member of eHarmony Australia, I enjoyed meeting people however nothing suitable ever came my way. However this is not necessarily the fault of eHarmony, but more so the fact that the right person was not there. (I am still a FB liker of eHarmony)
    I would love to share my $250 Red Balloon experience, whatever that maybe with my beautiful and gorgeous new wife (5 weeks since we got married), she is my champion, my biggest supporter in life and I truly love her for all that she is to me and she deserves to be treated like a queen every day.
    So here’s hoping that I win for my beautiful wife.

  38. Kim R 8 years ago

    My husband and partner in crime for the last 25 years will be sharing the red balloon prize with me. We met on a blind date all those years ago…and things have worked out wonderfully!

  39. Ana 8 years ago

    With Danny – he’s so great at accompanying me to massages – especially when it’s free!

  40. Courtney Dettman 8 years ago

    My best friend, my partner in crime, my child and my man of 17 years. My boyfriend Evan. We NEED alone time.
    I already like dHarmony on Facebook.

  41. joanne 8 years ago

    Have liked on facebook.
    Will share with my hubby as we need a bit of fun,
    I would be so happy to tell him we have won

  42. James Dougherty 8 years ago

    Shortlist, dog, girlfirend, best friend … Only one will let me decide on what to do, so dog it is!

  43. Emily Keller 8 years ago

    Am a liker of RC.

    • Emily Keller 8 years ago

      Oops, and liker of EHarmony as well 🙂

  44. Emily Keller 8 years ago

    She’s massaged my ego after many a story of “boys are so dumb!”,
    So I’d love to treat her to a real massage to say “thanks mum!”.

  45. Michelle Pearce 8 years ago

    ‘Liked’ eHarmony on Facebook

  46. Michelle Pearce 8 years ago

    I will book my fiancé in for a skydive, if he chickens out the wedding will be off 🙂

  47. Emily 8 years ago

    I would love to share this rare experience with my boyfriend. I have liked eHarmony Australia too 🙂

  48. Kirsten W 8 years ago

    I have liked eHarmony on Facebook too!

  49. Kirsten W 8 years ago

    Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    I’d share it with Mum,
    To say thanks for being my glue!

  50. Elica Prince 8 years ago

    My absolute soulmate offcourse, i love him with all my heart and share everything with him 🙂

  51. johanna rees 8 years ago

    My husband who spent Christmas in hospital having a kidney removed due to cancer. We could both do with a bit of TLC.

  52. elle denton 8 years ago

    I want shared this with my daughter
    we are desperate in need
    of some relaxing at a spa
    after a car crash we were in

  53. LUCY FOMIATTI 8 years ago

    Santa Clause because this is a real pressie, I was very dissapointed at christmas with . . . nothing!

  54. Jennifer B. 8 years ago

    I’ll be sharing that voucher with my neighbour undergoing chemo at the moment. Both of us could do with a good massage!

  55. Jennifer B. 8 years ago

    LIKED eHarmony AU on Facebook

  56. Mel Forbes 8 years ago

    I’d share it with my boyfriend for our 3 year anniversary! His dream is to fly a helicopter so the voucher would be spent towards that experience for him.

  57. RACHAEL 8 years ago

    Liked on FB 🙂

  58. RACHAEL 8 years ago

    I’d take my bestie Lisa! We have been friends for 30 years this year! Be a nice way to mark the occasion by doing something fun and out of the ordinary 🙂

  59. Jen Murray 8 years ago

    Id share this with my partner
    my best friend, lover & rock
    We met online 2 years ago now
    But he hasnt forgot the sweet talk

    Hes hard working & supportive
    Caring, funny & oh so fine
    Pretty sure hes my soul mate
    Mine all mine 🙂

    A romantic getaway for 2 we’d have

  60. Sue 8 years ago

    I would share with my partner, he wants to jump out of an aeroplane but I dont, so I will watch and see if he lands safely.

  61. Ann 8 years ago

    I would use it to take an Authentic Italian Cooking Class so instead of spending nights at home watching My Kitchen Rules, I can go and meet my own Stefano (like Lisa) who will serenade me with wine and good food. (Although i draw the line at a televised proposal!)

    • Ann 8 years ago

      Liked eHarmony on FB

  62. Charlotte 8 years ago

    I’d share this voucher with my mum,
    Who really deserves a bit of fun.
    Her lifelong dream? A go cart ride,
    An easy opportunity to provide.

    Tearing around the track,
    Always onwards, not looking back…
    During a time that’s been quite rough
    Would be truly life-changing stuff!

    Have liked e-harmony on FB, thanks for the chance 🙂

  63. Jasmine Eastwood 8 years ago

    I have liked eHarmony Australia and Reality Chick on Facebook! 🙂

    I would love to share the Martial Arts Lesson With Australian Champion for 1 hour experience with my partner. Lately we’ve both been feeling bored and sluggish due to working long hours. I know my body is capable of more than just sitting, standing and sleeping so i want to kick-start this year with a new experience and goal together, to learn martial arts and eventually be a black belt!

  64. Kaz 8 years ago

    Id give it to hubby for a sky dive experience. He always said he’d follow me anywhere.. Let’s see him follow me out of a plane at 14,000 feet! Hahaha!

  65. Jasmine 8 years ago

    I would give the voucher to mum because she’s been through so much in the past 2 years. I think she deserves a special treat
    Like eHarmony AU on Facebook 🙂

  66. Ashley Prendergast 8 years ago

    Liked eHarmony and Reality Chick on facebook 🙂

    i would love to share this prize with my Mum to help her dream of flying in a hot air balloon come true for her birthday coming up at the end of the month. She’s loved them since a little girl, and I want to make that happen for her.

  67. Peter Clements 8 years ago

    An anniversary RedBalloon BridgeClimb with my wife sounds fantastic. She has always said I take her to dizzying heights!

  68. Helen J 8 years ago

    I’d share with my hubby. Might be just the shot to bring back the romance!

  69. nicole larsen 8 years ago

    my hubby so we can do something magical and could be a first for both of us

  70. Falon Downing 8 years ago

    Either my partner or my bestie! 🙂

  71. Tara-lee Malone 8 years ago

    I would give it all to my parents. We have been in a huge financial mess at the moment and they have been absolutley amazing. They have given us money, come over with a whole weeks worth of shopping and even treated the kids. They deserve so much for what they have done for us that I can’t give them right now. This would be an amazing thanks for them.

    • Tara-lee Malone 8 years ago

      I have liked eharmony

  72. Karen Collins 8 years ago

    My father in law. His birthday is on Boxing Day, so he always gets presents combined. I could give it to him on the 26th March as a surprise.

  73. judith 8 years ago

    it will be perfect to surprise my husband with something special for our 1st wedding anniversary

  74. Tmeeka H 8 years ago

    have liked Eharmony AU on fb

  75. Tmeeka H 8 years ago

    My husband would be the one I’d share with, he’s my best friend 🙂

  76. Kay Gerritsen - Blaney 8 years ago

    I’d share it with my hubby. It just wouldn’t be an experience without him

  77. Jenny 8 years ago

    I’ve always hinted every birthday and Christmas that if I get a Red Balloon Voucher, I’d take my partner Hot Air Ballooning. Then, after the Egypt disaster, he casually mentions that he’s always been scared of hot air balloons “gas and hot air 100 feet in the air – it’s unnatural – something was bound to happen”. No wonder I never got my Christmas wish. So, if I win, I’d take my partner (but not for a balloon ride!)

    Liked eharmony and Reality Chick on FB

  78. Elisabeth Crocker 8 years ago

    I’d undertake the adventure alone, just me, but will share it verbally with everyone for years to come

  79. Kim 8 years ago

    A Chocolate Making Workshop with my 19 year old son because we’re both chocolate lovers!
    Have liked eHarmony on facebook 🙂

  80. Ben 8 years ago

    My beautiful girlfriend Carla! Would be the perfect 18th gift for her 🙂

  81. Rose 8 years ago

    My boyfriend because he just took me on an amazing date using a red balloon gift voucher and I’d love to be able to return the favour – there were so many places we wanted to visit on red balloon!

  82. jayne marshall 8 years ago

    with jeff then i can sit across a table having a romantic dinner thanks to re ballon, glazing into his eyes and propose marriage to him,

  83. Anna 8 years ago

    The guy I met on the bus last week! I’ll let him choose the Red Balloon experience (and also set the bar high for the “first date experience”)

  84. Kristina S 8 years ago

    Probably my kids, love them more than life itself so probably do something special with them

    Have liked on FB also

  85. Sharna 8 years ago

    I will be sharing with me, myself and i, bout time i did something that spoils myself!

  86. Victoria Kenworthy 8 years ago

    I’d take my Mum on a Chocolate Tour around Melbourne – a treat for all the Kleenex and cuddles she’s offered me when I’ve needed her shoulder to cry on!

    • Victoria Kenworthy 8 years ago

      And I’ve liked their Facebook 🙂

  87. sam 8 years ago

    my wife loves this stuff

  88. Jarree 8 years ago

    I would share it ALL with me, sometimes a women has to pamper herself for her to be able to share her love. :))

  89. sam 8 years ago

    my wife she likes free stuff

  90. RosslynT 8 years ago

    I’d share it with the new man I’m about to discover on e-harmony. I’ve been single and dateless for three years so bring it on!

  91. David Roberts 8 years ago

    My Kids – they can learn so much from exciting new experiences making memories last forever.

  92. sam 8 years ago

    My ex-husband – I think a parachute jump is in order.

  93. Karlene 8 years ago

    4 x Max Brenner Easter Emergency Chocolate Kits. As this is a public forum I’ll say they’re for 4 friends. Honestly, I’d keep 2.

  94. Troy Simpson 8 years ago

    I’m turning 40 in 12 days’ time. I will be using this voucher for a spa treatment, where I can sob and count my regrets without too many people noticing.

  95. Renee Ballantyne 8 years ago

    My hubby, we would love to go hot air ballooning together

  96. Helen Robertson 8 years ago

    My BFF because she’ s had so many bad things happen to her and it would be great for her to look forward to something positive.

  97. Melissa Rogers 8 years ago

    I would have no choice but to give it to my hubby whom I met 10 years ago on an online dating site…. Never looked back, love him to the moon and back.
    Have liked eHarmony Australia as well, you guys rock 😉

  98. Kathy 8 years ago

    I’d take my sister on a trail ride for the day – what better excuse to leave the boyfriends at home and have some girly time!

    • Kathy 8 years ago

      PS I’ve liked eHarmony on Facebook too 🙂

  99. JenG 8 years ago

    I’ll take hubby with me but only because he’ll just assume he’s coming along. Maybe I’ll pick something for just me and surprise him!
    I also liked eHarmony on FB (I’m sure my hubby is wondering why…)

  100. Debbie Whitworth 8 years ago

    I would probably give it to my son & his wife, so they could have some together time, or spoil myself & a family member????

  101. Marg C 8 years ago

    I’d share it with my partner. He has been my rock, since my recent car accident, plus my mother’s death. I really want to take him somewhere special to thank him.

  102. jessica ashbrooke 8 years ago

    My finace harley i share everything with him especially my heart

  103. Kate 8 years ago

    I would share my voucher with my husband. Would be great to do something fun for our 5th Wedding anniversary, I think we need it!

    • Kate 8 years ago

      and LIKED on facebook 🙂

  104. RICHARD D T WILSON 8 years ago


  105. Mandy Graham 8 years ago

    I’d love to go on a Helicopter flight with my husband as it’s been our dream for ages.

  106. Simon Bannister 8 years ago

    I’d share it with my soon-to-be wife! We’re getting married in September, but we can’t afford any kind of honeymoon. It’d be lovely to be able to do something together as a newly wedded couple 🙂

  107. Jennie from SA 8 years ago

    I’d share it with my bestfriend who has not had a boyfriend in years and who needs to be more adventurous. A red balloon experience might just inspire her to get out of her comfort zone and join eHarmony

    • Jennie from SA 8 years ago

      P.S. I have liked eHarmony on fb and my bf does too soon.

      • Jennie from SA 8 years ago

        P.S I have liked eHarmony on fb and HOPE my bf does too soon

  108. Dean Brandt 8 years ago

    I’d share it with my beautiful wife.Our IVF attempt has failed and maybe this would lift her spirits.

  109. Michelle 8 years ago

    My wonderful hubby and son 🙂

  110. Jus 8 years ago

    I liked RC on facebook.

    • Jus 8 years ago

      I mean eHarmony

  111. P Laughlin 8 years ago

    I liked on Facebook

  112. P Laughlin 8 years ago

    I would like to be selfish and use this on myself and my wonderful partner. We sickingly have the fairy tale of the modern era. We met through a friend’s suggestion on facebook as we somehow had a lot of mutual friends. Thing is though, I was living in NZ and he was living in Australia. Anyways, I was in the middle of negotiating a new job contract at the time and he popped a week or so before I was coming over for my interview. I don’t normally add randoms but the mutual friends we have had were good people so I knew it wouldn’t be unsafe or a dead beat. So we got chatting and yep, he lived in Melbourne. So, to cut a long story short, after 6 months of keeping in contact we finally ended up living in the same city and 2 years down the line, we’re engaged and getting married next year in Ireland.

  113. Jus 8 years ago

    I would like to donate this to my best friend. She has been with a guy for 7 years, they were discussing rings, potentially getting engaged buying property, on the outside everything looked like it was a perfect match. He has had a bit of a temper and I knew they had big fights as I got phone calls in the middle of the night at times with her crying and him in the background yelling. However, a few months before Christmas, he decided that he didn’t want to settle down and took off, she didn’t hear from him in 3 months, no contact, no emails. No even their mutual friends knew where he was. So as he works offshore and has a few weeks off between shifts we assumed he was off travelling. So, we’ve been regrouping, getting her back on her feet and after almost 6 months, shes doing great, not really interested in meeting anyone yet but still going out having fun and generally enjoying herself, (or putting on a brave face). So now, he has cracked it at her because he thinks she isn’t upset enough and has decided to buy a property in town close to where she lives and is generally being slightly irritating. So, in short, I would like to give this voucher to her, when she is ready to date, and treat herself with the red balloon voucher just because she has had a very rough 6 months. (PS: she also let slip, he didn’t like me, so he also stopped her seeing her friends, which I wasn’t happy about as we have grown up together and I just thought we were growing apart, but it was him in fact putting a wedge between them and her friends)

  114. Katrina OConnor 8 years ago

    I would give it to my mum who has loked after her ill brother who has just passed away

  115. Abby 8 years ago

    I’d share it with my new partner, assuming I meet one in eHarmony! Like on FB 🙂

  116. christina 8 years ago

    Liked EHarmony as well

  117. Aleisha Davidson 8 years ago

    Well there’s this girl… the mother of my goddaughter, and my best friend. I’d have to take her on a romantic RedBalloon date, and make her feel super special – she never gets shown just how much she means to me… but this way, I’d finally be able to show her.
    Newest liker of eHarmony Australia 🙂

  118. Sandy Taylor 8 years ago

    I would share with my beautiful daughter. We have so much fun together. Liked eHarmony on facebook

  119. karina w 8 years ago

    My fiance. He just paid for my ring and is now broke so I should return the favour my paying for his beloved sky dive!

  120. Kim Magrath 8 years ago

    Like eHarmony on FB as requested 🙂

  121. Kim Magrath 8 years ago

    I’ll be sharing my voucher with my 18 month old daughter … she’s so much fun that we’ll do something child-friendly with it and have a ball!

  122. Laura 8 years ago

    I’d share with my incredible boyfriend. AND guess where we met? Online dating! I couldn’t believe that this actually happened to ME! There is no doubt that I would share with him as a few months after we met, we created a ‘Bucket List’ or in our case a ‘Thirty Under Thirty List’. Check out our blog http://www.thirtyunderthirty.com! Through Red Balloon we have gone sky diving and have booked in our parasailing in Manly. We are scuba diving next month and have already visited some of the places on our list! Looks like the eHarmony trial would be passed onto my best friend. If I can meet someone online, she can too 🙂

  123. definately my hubby and our daughters- they just love Taronga Zoo and we would go on a cruise xxx

    I text my hubby everyday to tell him I love him and appreciate the sacrifices he makes to let me stay at home with our 3 small kids xxx

    newest like on eHarmony username Amanda Elizabeth Gorham

  124. Lyn Laws 8 years ago

    I would love to spend a romantic night with my husband as we need to rekindle our love

  125. Rebecca Baker 8 years ago

    Like eharmony on fb =)

  126. Rebecca Baker 8 years ago

    NOPE< not sharing I'm afraid… No one ever shared anything with me so now the greed is taking over me! MINE MINE MINE ALLLLLLLL MINE!! xx

  127. felicity kay 8 years ago

    My Mum, its always about the kids its never about just her and I and its time that changed, I’d love to treat her to a day spa or the hot springs, some mother and daughter bonding time….priceless

  128. Nicole 8 years ago

    I would give the voucher to my partner, so he could chose something for himself as a reward for being such a hard working, loving, caring father and partner

  129. Sonya Nicole 8 years ago

    I’d share it with my kids. 🙂

    I’ve liked eHarmony AU on Facebook.

  130. Kerry Hatcher 8 years ago

    With my daughter and foster daughter as it would be a great bonding experience for all of us together

  131. sharron smith 8 years ago

    My daughter has got fitter and lost weight and i quit smoking so we should treat ourselves to a massage and facial

  132. Sue Wood 8 years ago

    A Fantasy Guy would be totally thrilling
    And this Reality Chick is very willing…
    A romantic fling could make me swoon so…
    My husband will share the Red Balloon!

  133. nuts 8 years ago

    A friend whose vertigo is playing up so she deserves something nice to take her mind off it.

  134. Maria 8 years ago

    My husband cleans up my spew and washes me post chemotherapy
    He deserves a red balloon experience with me
    I’m bursting with love for thee

  135. christina 8 years ago

    I’m getting married in November so I’d use it for me and my future husband to stay out at a romantic place on the night of our wedding.

  136. Alma G 8 years ago

    I have liked e harmony as well

  137. Alma G 8 years ago

    I would share it with my mum!

  138. BeckieJ 8 years ago

    I have liked eHarmony on Facebook too!

  139. BeckieJ 8 years ago

    I would share it with my sister 🙂

  140. Jess 8 years ago

    My bf

  141. michele 8 years ago

    i would give it all to my son..with him being so tall and lanky its the only place i can find that has things that fit him nicely

  142. cher haining 8 years ago

    Would love to share with my husband to celebrate his 70th birthday with something special
    like eHarmony

  143. Barbara Fehmel 8 years ago

    I would love this prize for ME, ME, Me. I have never experienced any of the Red Balloon activities and would love to.

  144. JAYNE 8 years ago

    I have a difficult choice to make as seeing two guys at once and they both annoy me but think Jeff would be the red ballon winning partner.

  145. janine gardiner 8 years ago

    I think a nice spa voucher for a friend who works so hard for everyone else and gives all the time without asking for anything in return except for people to be happy. She deserves something nice in her life for a change.

  146. Charmaine Campbell 8 years ago

    I will share it with my Mum, we both have our birthday’s coming up, one week apart! It would be nice to have a girly experience!
    Have liked eHarmony Australia too.

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