Tabloid Girl

Tabloid Girl

By Sharon Marshall
Out July 29, $22.99

“I didn’t know I was starting a life where I’d be asked to do three impossible things before breakfast, and be sworn at by four celebrities by lunch. I just thought, hey, I’ve got a job on a tabloid.”
Any journo knows that Very Bad Things go on at magazines and newspapers. But my career looks like an episode of Play School compared to Marshall’s exploits in her ten-year stint on Fleet Street as a tabloid reporter. This hilarious, name-dropping memoir chronicles the best, worst and weirdest parts of being a muck-raking hack – from dressing up in a rubber suit and darkening the door of numerous vice dens, to chatting with the wives at a swinger’s party. In between, she door-knocks angry celebrities for inane quotes, pays off prostitutes, rifles through Simon Cowell’s drawers, fronts up with a fur rug and razor to naked kiss’n’tell shoots, and smuggles Big Macs onto the set of Friends in order to chase a story. Packed with gossipy anecdotes (with many names and dates changed to protect the not-so-innocent), Marshall details everything from the boozing to the bollockings, the lies and the liquid ecstasy – and how often all of it came before 9am.

RC Verdict: A rollicking good read if you’re in the bizz, want to be – or have ever wondered just what goes into putting those News-of-the-World style rags together on a weekly basis…

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