Ten saucy facts about Aussies, sex, fantasies, first dates and more from new dating site C-date

Ten saucy facts about Aussies, sex, fantasies, first dates and more from new dating site C-date

There are all kinds of online dating sites out there, but what if you’d rather bypass the dating part altogether and get straight to the sex? One new site offering just that is C-date (the ‘c’ stands for casual). The intriguing difference is there are no photos. This is all about an erotic meeting of minds.

I asked C-date founder Heinz Laumann about this last week and he told me that the photo-smorgasbord on every online dating site just encourages users to flip past potential partners as if they’re pieces of meat. Which is true and way icky. C-date, he adds, offers the chance to see if you click mentally and erotically first. Which I agree with in theory, but I can’t help thinking physical attraction is surely the first hurdle of online dating. Lord knows there are others, so you better like the look of one another from the get-go to save time. (Shallow? Moi?)

As a writer though, I have to say C-date is a tempting prospect for punters who want no-strings sex and can string a sentence together. You just never know when it comes to dating so I figure you may as well stick your finger in a few, er, pies. So to speak. So if any of you try it, I want to hear all about it. In the meantime, take a peek at the results from C-date’s saucy survey, out last week. Seriously, 40 percent of Aussies haven’t had a romantic evening in over a year? Now that’s bonkers.

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Ten saucy facts about Aussies and sex from C-date’s 2013 survey…

  1. 39 percent of Australians have sex once a week
  2. 62 percent of respondents who were separated/divorced hadn’t had sex for over a year
  3. 74 percent of parents are more satisfied with their sex lives compared to 60 percent of people without children
  4. 42 percent of people have never talked openly about their fantasies and what they’d like to happen during sex
  5. 16 percent of people always tell their partner exactly what to do to make them excited
  6. 40 percent (almost) of married people have never shared their sexual fantasies with their other halves
  7. 36 percent of coupled up people say they’d find sex more exciting with a stranger, but 52 percent of respondents say they’ve never slept with a stranger
  8. 40 percent of respondents haven’t had a romantic evening with someone they really liked in over a year
  9. 46 percent of respondents said a key reason for arranging casual dates online was because they don’t go out much
  10. 38 percent of respondents said it’s essential to be tipsy if they’re going to sleep with someone on the first date. For 9 percent, drunkenness is essential.
  • These results are from a 2013 survey conducted by Trend Research. People aged 20-59 participated, and there were 1015 respondents in total from all over Australia.


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