The eHarmony video series is live!

The eHarmony video series is live!

Remember a few months ago I asked you for your relationship and dating questions for a round-table video panel I was working on with several other bloggers? People, I hope you’re sitting down because… it’s here. I AM ON TV. Sort of.

It’s a series that I hope will help those of you in the dating trenches. We covered a lot during the day and there were so many differing viewpoints on dating and relationships flying around. If you have time, the whole series will be on – but you can also just dip your toe in with my video, above.

Some of the issues I talk to psychologist Melanie Shilling about include the whole chemistry / compatibility thing. You might think you can do one without the other – but can you? And how the hell do you suss out where you sit on that scale with someone you’ve only known via email? Mel has a few tips on assessing compatibility online, and how that first face to face meeting can determine if there’s the other C – chemistry, spark, that whoah-omg-I-have-to-rip-this-person’s-clothes-off type deal going on as well. Because while you might both mesh in the values basket, I firmly believe it doesn’t mean a thing if you ain’t got that zing.

We also reveal specific questions that are good to ask your date and even, as Mel says, ‘design your own dating interview’. (But please, don’t bring along your dictaphone because that would be lame. And creepy. And would probably send your date scurrying for the bathroom and an open window to escape out of.)

Uh, where were we? Yes, questions. Mel and I talk about open ended questions and how to ask them. This can be a huge asset when you’re dating because it really helps you figure out someone’s character. And speaking of character, we touched on one of my all-time favourite topics: dating when you’ve been badly burned by betrayal. How the HECK do you figure out if someone is a loyal person and not a time-waster? Ain’t that the million dollar question.

Mel and I discuss this too in the video, so I hope her answer helps you.

The panel then discuss deal-breakers, and no, these are not the things where you refuse to go out with someone if they don’t have a blue car, but they’ll definitely offer food for thought if you’re not sure what yours are!

Hope you enjoy it – and feel free to continue the discussion in the comments…

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