VIDEO: The flash mob wedding proposal on a London tube

VIDEO: The flash mob wedding proposal on a London tube

You’ve got to love a wedding proposal where the guy (or girl!) has clearly put some effort into making it memorable. Apparently, Lucy Rogers was expecting nothing more than her usual train ride home from work last Tuesday. But her boyfriend had something a bit more special in mind, and for Lucy, it really did turn out to be a ‘lovely day’. We couldn’t resist sharing this viral video, which is right up there with our other favourite public marriage proposals, including Julie Will You Marry Me and this one, in a US cinema. Feel the love, people. (Singing along optional.)


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  1. Kitty 9 years ago

    This was the sweetest! Lucky girl 🙂

  2. Author
    reality chick 9 years ago

    Me too. I loved my London days 🙂

  3. IJ 9 years ago

    Love it! Brought a tear to my eye. Miss those old stinky London tubes.

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