Thinking about proposing to your bloke? Leap to it.

Thinking about proposing to your bloke? Leap to it.

leap year proposalThat’s right ladies, 2012 is a leap year and that means this Wednesday, Feb 29, you can officially do away with marital ‘tradition’ – and whip out a man ring for your guy. Around 9 percent of proposals are from women to men, and studies show around 80 percent of men WOULD accept if their gal popped the question. Hey, it worked for Monica and Chandler, right?

I’ve known three women who proposed to their partners. One did it because the guy dragged his feet for SOOOO long and she was ready and wanted to get married. He said yes, but their rocky relationship continued to be rocky, and she’s now about to marry someone else (for the record, her husband-to-be popped the question). Another proposed, he said yes, and they’re engaged, but she did say, “I think he was planning it, and was a bit sad that I guzumped him.”

The third woman I know who proposed is a modern, independent girl who decided after a couple of years to take the reins. They’d talked about marriage, but she was the one to ask. He accepted, and they’re super happy.

What do you think about women proposing? Would you?

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  1. Leanne 9 years ago

    I actually read somewhere that if a guy hasnt proposed after 2 years you should move on. I feel like I agree but I know a lot of couples who have been together a lot longer and are happy.
    I guess if the girl has indicated she wants marriage and the guy isnt stepping up to the plate maybe its time to move on- I would have to ask myself -why isnt he comfortable asking you? and will he ever be able to be the one to make a commitment to you and show you what you mean to him?
    I think if i asked and he said yes I would still always have doubts in my mind!

  2. Kate 9 years ago

    I agree with Tamara. If he’s not proposing and it’s been years and years and you don’t think he’s ever going to do it, don’t do it for him. Just MOVE ON ALREADY!!!

  3. Tamara 9 years ago

    oh goodness me, do we have to do EVERYTHING for men? Even this last bastion of manliness? No, proposing is a bloke’s job. Make him man up, take a stand and shout loud and clear that he wants you. Women already do too much to make men’s lives as smooth and easy as possible, don’t take this job off him too.

  4. the savvi girls 9 years ago

    Hey there! We believe it’s a great thing to take the reins as it were… and one of our team made a mutual agreement it would happen, they’ve set the date and it’s all systems go – happy days!

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