UP THE DUFF Week 19: So, I’ve turned into a massive cry-baby

UP THE DUFF Week 19: So, I’ve turned into a massive cry-baby

up the duff wed week 19

These days, it seems like I’m always bawling my eyes out over something.

A kitten commercial. My chicken being overcooked. The promo for the upcoming season of Offspring.

Bloggers with new babies also make me weep, especially the lovely Naomi Liddell, who writes Rocked By Life  – and the equally amazing US blogger, Emily Henderson. Both recently blogged about their birth stories and had me in buckets. BUCKETS I TELL YOU.

I’m also crying in my sleep about silly things – and not so silly things. Like the other morning, I woke up crying because I was convinced I would die in childbirth, leaving Mr Chick to raise our baby alone.

Mr Chick has a super high-powered job fixing people’s complicated IT systems so I wasn’t sure how this was going to pan out. I didn’t want to worry him with another random aspect of my pregnancy-related ridiculousness (I figured the poor man needed a breather) so I rang my sister instead to insist that she be on standby in case I died in childbirth and she needed to offer support to my poor, widowed husband.

She rolled her eyes (I know these things, even though we were on the phone) and told me wearily, “You won’t die in childbirth. We live in a modern country with the best medical interventions in the world. You’ll be fine.”

So I stopped crying about that, and for a little while, I stopped crying at all. Until the stupid Offspring promo came on again. Seriously, how cute and fat is Nina’s baby?! I could eat it up.

horseyWhat turns you into a blubbering mess? Were you a cry-baby during pregnancy? Or are you a non-pregnant reader who just enjoys a good cry for the hell of it? If so, share whatever turns on the waterworks for you in the comments below. Don’t worry, I have enough tissues for all of us.

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