UPDATE FROM LETTER WRITER: “My husband’s little white lies do my head in. Am I overreacting?”

UPDATE FROM LETTER WRITER: “My husband’s little white lies do my head in. Am I overreacting?”

UPDATE FROM LETTER WRITER: "My husband's little white lies do my head in. Am I overreacting?"Thanks so much for your responses to my recent question. I am happy to report that I took a soft, diplomatic approach with my husband and we were both able to have a frank and open discussion a couple of days after I sent my email, which we’ve lacked the ability to do in times gone by.

I stressed how left out and disrespected I felt with his dishonesty. His response seemed to be genuine surprise. Going on 9 days now we have had a really different, positive tone between us. I asked him to be completely honest with me, letting him know that I wasn’t neccessarily angry that he continued to smoke, it was the dishonesty that hurt most. The conversation resolved with an agreement of greater transparency, we both seemed to finally see where each stood.

My husband is making a huge effort to tell me every time he has a cigi here and there and has kept his drinking and punting to the weekends and now only bets on sports rather than horses and dogs etc. He is showing me the amounts that he puts on each bet. It’s still early days but I feel good about his efforts, normally he would be quick to agree, leave the room and forget the entire conversation ever took place. I think this time he really understands how hurt I was about it all. Again I thank you all for your advice and it was especially great to get a bloke’s point of view. AJ

Hi AJ, I’m so glad we could help. Sounds like you guys managed to communicate well through this one – here’s hoping you both keep on top of it. We’ll let the Manswers men know that you appreciated their advice too – they’ll be very chuffed I’m sure. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy and the arrival of Baby Number Two!

Love, reality chick

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