UPDATE FROM LETTER WRITER: “We split, I’m going away. But is there still hope with my ex?”

UPDATE FROM LETTER WRITER: “We split, I’m going away. But is there still hope with my ex?”

UPDATE FROM LETTER WRITER: "We split, I'm going away. But is there still hope with my ex?"Thanks for the awesome advice you gave me after I wrote to you back in December. I feel I owe you all an update! I’m happy to report, I did go on my trip and I did have an amazing time, I did shag a spunky backpacker, we had a wild few days in Bangkok together before swapping email addresses and moving on to our next destinations! I had so many amazing experiences and met some fantastic people!

Throughout whole trip I realised that I was having a much better time without the ex, and when i was on these awesome adventures I was thinking to myself how much he would have been hating it and complaining constantly. So it’s safe to say the trip made me realise I definitely do not want to be in a relationship with that man! I did get emails from him asking how the trip was going and my responses were all short and to the point: having the time of my life! I arrived at the airport and couldn’t believe it – but he was there!

When I first wrote to you, this is exactly what I had hoped would happen – and there he was, he had taken the day off work to be there and he really missed me, but something in me has totally changed. There was no massive Hollywood airport reunion, there was an awkward hello and hug. In the car, he launched into sounded like a rehearsed speech about missing me and realising what he had done etc. I had to cut him off and tell him straight how happy I was now, and that I’d realised the breakup was the best thing for both of us. I also said that I hoped we could be friends but that’s all I want from him. Unfortunately I got very sick a few days later and of course he was there at the hospital to help me, which I really really appreciated – while being a bit pissed off that my whole ‘girl power, I don’t need you anymore’ thing had gone to shit. I was relieved that he was there.

It still hasn’t changed my decision to be single – I don’t wanna deal with any of his problems again! I think there will always be a friendship and a bond there, but he has issues. I hope he will deal with them someday and meet someone more like him. I can hopefully still have him in my life as a good friend without the baggage and bullshit that comes with a relationship.
I’m now over my illness, feeling good and have a few hot dates lined up.
I have to say im pretty excited about the future 🙂
xxxx WTF

So great to hear! Thanks for the update. You do sound so much happier and more positive, and we’re really glad we could help. The trip sounds pretty damn awesome too – backpacker and all! You go girl.

Love, reality chick

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