What did the winners of our palm-reading competition think?

What did the winners of our palm-reading competition think?

The winners of our palm-reading competition have all received their readings now, and we thought it’d be interesting to find out what they thought of the results. So we’ve published an excerpt of the readings and a quote from each winner below. Enjoy!


SUSAN SAID:  “Natasha’s hand demonstrates a fire personality. She has been an independent thinker from a fairly early age and does not follow the same thought patterns or constraints as her family. She would be the ‘black sheep’ as they say! She has at times struggled with direction in career due to boredom and has made a definite career change at the age of thirty; she then set upon her current path in life and has been successful in this field. She will have another chosen career change at around 43. There have been some quarrels recently [in her current relationship] and despite the fact that it has proven to be the longest relationship in her life so far it will run its course and come to an end. There is another relationship for her in the near future and this will commence in around five months time. There are two influential child lines running from this current relationship; they tell of two previous pregnancies, one being a termination and the other a miscarriage. There is still the likelihood of Natasha having a child with the new relationship that is coming. The child should be born in approximately two years and will be a girl. Natasha’s next relationship will be her most enduring, it will result in marriage and she will inevitably outlive her husband…”

TASHA SAID: “To be honest I normally take the clairvoyant/ readings with a pinch of salt but was amazed at how accurate Susan was in describing me as a person, especially her take on my past situations that have today shaped my life. The relationship aspects accurately described how and why I have made the decisions that I have made. Communication is a high priority in my life and has played a major component in my career, however I have done and still do have issues in making myself clear or heard personally and professionally. I do get bored and will always move on if not stimulated. The two pregnancies described in my current relationship one of a termination and one of a miscarriage, blew me away. How does one know that sort of stuff? At this stage in my life I have felt very sad at the prospect that I will never have children but she has reassured me that I am still yet to have a child. Although it’s not something to live your life by it gives me hope that I will have a relationship which will be enduring and that a child is still a possibility. I am a person who sees the glass half-full and know that I will always try and see the best in any situation. We do determine our own destinies and I won’t live my life by her reading but I will certainly place it my back pocket and use it as a point of reference and when reflecting.”


SUSAN SAID: “This hand demonstrates mixed qualities of both air and earth. This person would do well to work for themselves and if not already doing so will inevitably be self employed or a business owner. Just ploughing through the 9-5 grind at someone else’s instruction would leave this person feeling very unrewarded or unfulfilled… This is someone who is a deep thinker … They will need to have a partner/lover who has drive and encourages the new ideas into action as they have a little more ambition than determination to see things through. This is a little more dominance in the soul hand which could have lead to unrealized dreams or projects not getting off the ground particularly for the extended family. There seems to have been an emotional disappointment recently, whether relating to a relationship or an unfulfilled wish. This person’s major success in life and relationships will come from 40-42 onwards…”

REDHEAD SAID: “I loved this reading.  Thought about 80 percent of it was spot on, some of is scarily so.  Funnily enough, the 20 percent I didn’t think related to me, my partner related to. Interestingly, and what I find most profound is,  if this response was given to me 10 years ago I would have disagreed with most of it, more through not knowing myself well enough I guess.   But I really find it spot on for where I’m at in my life right now.  I’ve always held down a 9-5 job and would never have seen myself as self-employed or business owner, but that is exactly what I want to do now.  I don’t particularly like taking orders (especially if I think they are totally wrong).  I do think I have practical ideas, I do have an addictive personality, and I do need security. Don’t necessarily agree with the chaos part.  The partner part is spot on.  Soul hand wise, depression is in the family and I certainly have had my moments of mental instability.  The relationship aspects of the reading I don’t think are accurate, but I love the major success in life will come at 40-42 part. I think I’m finding my groove.”


Dave and his new girlfriend Tash both put their palms on the line for a compatibility reading with Susan.

SUSAN SAID… “David has an air hand and this shows a person with a quick and agile mind. Air types are motivated and can rely on self to get the job done … David’s partner demonstrates a strong fire hand, these are passionate people and have a love all things pleasurable. Air fans the flames of fire and these hands are indeed compatible. The only likely cause of disruption is the issue of who has control in the relationship, and resolving issues if they arise. If this can be worked out with mutual respect and compromise things would go very well. There should also be constant interest and new projects as air types are good at stimulating thoughts ideas and concepts, while not so great and getting them all into action when you add the fire type who like to get things of the ground, fulfilled and completed this could lead to a very productive union…”

DAVE SAID… “I was actually extremely impressed with the accuracy of the reading. We’re fairly new in our relationship but the insights and predictions that the palm-reader put across were alarmingly true to form. With anything like this we were both a little sceptical at first but we were both blown away by the results and we highly recommend her to anyone who wants insight into their future or relationship together.”

Are you interested in having your own palm read? Susan can do a reading via email or phone after studying clear digital images of your palms. She is also available for face-to-face readings if you’re in Melbourne. To contact Susan, visit her website.

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