Going the Distance

Going the Distance


Ahh, holiday romances. We’ve all been there – some of us more than once, and maybe with more than one romance on the same holiday – but the odds of one lasting? Not great. According to a Hotels.com study, only 5 percent of holiday romances endure, and the majority only last three days. Which explains why, in this rom com, aspiring journalist Erin (Drew Barrymore) and record company publicist Garrett (Justin Long) decide to have some fun for the six weeks Erin’s in New York, and let their holiday fling expire naturally with her return to San Francisco. However, when D-Day rolls around, neither are keen for the agreed-upon airport goodbye and they decide to commit instead, to a long distance love affair. (Don’t ask me to go searching for stats on how many of THOSE bite the dust.)
Texting, Skyping, sexting, some pretty dire phone sex and the odd plane trip later, Erin and Garrett are even more smitten. His mates (Jason Sudeikis, Charlie Day) aren’t happy about losing their drinking buddy to another seemingly flaky and doomed-to-fail union, while Erin’s over-protective sister (a hilarious Christina Applegate) is on a similar downer. Eventually, the tyranny of distance gets to them, and the couple decide it’s time for one of them to make the ultimate sacrifice – and move for love. But who should it be?
I loved this movie. Director Nanette Burnstein has struck box office gold with the fact that her lead stars have an on-off thing in real life – my guess is they were ‘on’ during filming, because the chemistry between their characters definitely feels real. It’s a wickedly filthy script, too, with the kind of scenes that’ll leave you guffawing, squirming or both. The downside, is, of course, that no one can make a rom com these days without following the same old well-trodden path, and this has all the predictable bits we’ve come to expect from the genre. There are other weaknesses too in the plot, but nothing that’ll actually make you want to chuck your popcorn at the screen in disgust and walk out early. In fact, if you’re anything like me, you’ll wish it was longer.

RC Verdict: Drag a date or a bunch of pals – you’ll want to share this gem with someone you love.

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