Wife wears too much make-up

Wife wears too much make-up

Why oh why do women feel the need to wear so much make-up? My wife used to be moderate about it but ever since she turned 40 it’s beyond extreme; she applies it before I even wake up half the time and even in BED I think she’s got it on. I think she’s gorgeous without it. Ted

Many women boldly and happily embrace aging in all its confrontational glory – damn you, sunspots, wrinkles and eye bags! – but there are those of us who, rightly or wrongly, reach a point where we’d rather hide under the bed than face the world without warpaint. We become besties with our concealer and search for ever more efficient ways to look younger without resembling a drag queen. Even so, wearing slap to bed is a whole new ballgame.

What can you do? Not much, short of telling her she’s beautiful and letting shit like this go. Because really, Ted, aging sucks big hairy balls and some of us need all the help we can get.

Love, reality chick

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