WHO WON the Insidious DVD and t-shirt packs?

WHO WON the Insidious DVD and t-shirt packs?

Apologies for the lateness in drawing this competition – the reality chicks have been busy bees this week. Our lucky winners of the five Insidious packs are: Midnight, Halley, Bubble Girl, Christina and Linda Clark. Congrats, you’ll all be contacted about your prize shortly!

As a long time movie-buff, I know that if I’m about to see anything scary I want my guy in the seat next to me. In fact, scary movies are non negotiable in our relationship – he knows he’s required to be there, holding my hand, not sniggering when I watch through my fingers and possibly providing his lap as a safe haven for when things get really bad. Unfortunately, I had to see Insidious on my own. Big mistake. This spine-chilling scare-fest stars Rose Byrne and Patrick Wilson as two parents who wonder what the heck is going on when their kid suddenly falls into a mysterious coma. But this ain’t any old coma, and people, if they’re turning the lights down in a movie and there’s some kind of freaky baby monitor involved, I am toast. In other words, if you like scary movies, you’ll want to check it out pronto. Luckily, to celebrate the release of the movie on DVD, and thanks to Icon Home Entertainment, we have five packs to give away – each including Insidious on DVD, Thirteen on DVD and an Insidious t-shirt, each worth nearly $120!

To enter… You told us which horror movie you’d never watch alone. We agree, Wolf Creek wins hands down in the scare stakes.

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  1. halley 10 years ago

    Wolf Creek for me. And Drag Me to Hell. The thought of watching either again gives me the shivers!!

  2. Amber B 10 years ago

    The original Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie – freaks me out everytime!!!

  3. Glenda Booth 10 years ago

    Definately Wolf Creek. So damned scary .Used to think nothing of hitching when I was young, After Ivan Milat and Wolf Creek, never again!

  4. Ryan Jordan 10 years ago

    Pretty much all of them and especially any with a serial killer like Halloween or Friday the 13th because I fit the demographic of the early victim far too clearly, fairly likeable but nondescript male best friend but never the leading man – I’d be dead within 10 minutes

  5. Bron 10 years ago

    Bambi – have you SEEN what happens to his mum???

  6. Lois 10 years ago

    The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, it hits hard because it’s based on real life events, which makes the horror seem all that much worse, and I absolutely love this movie!

  7. Tara 10 years ago

    Wolf Creek was filmed way too realistically for me – a bit too close to home.
    Saw as I couldn’t believe Australians thought this up – scary stuff.
    House of Wax – for Paris Hilton’s acting.

  8. Ros 10 years ago

    ‘The Birds’ a classic disturbing thriller that I saw as a child. It still gives me goose bumps, a fear of swooping birds and the electronic soundtrack still provokes fear in me

  9. Cyndie 10 years ago

    the most horrible horror movie I have ever seen is French and called Martyrs. Even my boyfriend couldn’t stand watching at some of the scenes. Aweful.

  10. Anita 10 years ago

    It all began with ET. That ugly little alein scared the bejeebas outta me as a kid! But now anything Stephen King, Paranormal Activity, and especially the Saw movies!

  11. Al 10 years ago

    I Am Legend: after getting freaked out by the speed and ferocity of those mutants, I went home and made sure all my windows were locked!

  12. Melissa 10 years ago


  13. Joanne Purnell 10 years ago

    And my Oscar for most scary movie goes to Wolf Creek, I recommend watching with the lights on and never never by yourself

  14. Christine Barter 10 years ago

    Screamers terrifies me. Any movie with zombies in it too.

  15. Cian 10 years ago

    The Original and genuinely scary ‘The Eye’ for it packs one genuine scare after another as it mutates from horror movie to ghost story to psychological drama to disaster flick.

  16. flakes 10 years ago

    Amitfyville – our older brother liked to terrorise his younger siblings so this horror movie is a bit too similar to childhood nightmares

  17. Midnight 10 years ago

    PSYCHO – The shower scene still leaves me with the shivers when I’m showering.

  18. jasmine eastwood 10 years ago

    The Exorcist. My dad (who loves horror movies) thought it would be a good idea to let me watch it when i was just 7 years old, needless to say it scared the crap out of me and i couldnt sleep for weeks, especially if i saw any staircase’s! I’m used to horror movies now and its hard to find something that scares me, but The Exorcist always does!

  19. Anne 10 years ago

    Wolf Creek is a definate under the seat – forget the lap movie! It really got me considering bus tours and giving up drive yourself holidays – seriously scarey stuff

  20. Bubble Girl 10 years ago

    Yep, I’m with the others . . . definately Wolf Creek. I read alot of true crime books so I think I’m a little desensitised to gruesome crime (although it still horrifies me), but this movie had me in the corner, curled up and rocking back and forth in fear!!!!

  21. Debz 10 years ago

    Wolf Creek – eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh!

  22. Belinda Bonello 10 years ago

    The movie Scream. I am so scared of that scary mask!

  23. Di 10 years ago

    The Texas Chainsaw Massacre would probably do it, with the SAW franchise as a close runner-up!

  24. JudeM 10 years ago

    Saw – one instalment was too much for me!

  25. Helga 10 years ago

    Wolf Creek. This was the most horrible and gruesome movie I ever saw.

  26. Monica scurlock 10 years ago

    Jaws…sent me straight into the arms of my teenage boyfriend…..sitting in the back row had nothing to do with it, didnt really fancy him that much! Lol!

  27. Amanda Gorton 10 years ago

    Candyman – not very sweet for a sour puss!

  28. Christina 10 years ago

    Wolf Creek. Seriously put me off ever backpacking, ever accepting a strangers help, ever drinking something when you don’t know the source, ever……..and the list goes on. And that’s what makes it so damn scary plus that it’s set in our own backyard – the great Aussie outback – and even worse, it’s based on a true story. How much creepier can you get? Brilliant Australian movie though and I keep going back for more!!

  29. Linda Clark 10 years ago

    Without a doubt The Exorcist, I first saw it when I was a kid and Ive never forgotten the head spin green vomit exhibition that Linda Blair gave

  30. Raelene 10 years ago

    Wolfe creek scared the hell out of me! Guaranteed to send me to ANYONES lap!

  31. kerry santillo 10 years ago

    The SAW movies after the first one I threw up in my popcorn I was so frightened. I thought Id punish myself some more and see two more after that. . No more throwing up but hit a man in the head with my foot at a crucial sawing of the limbs !!

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