WHO WON the 5 x prize packs with Wild Target on DVD, Red on DVD + Lindt choccies?

WHO WON the 5 x prize packs with Wild Target on DVD, Red on DVD + Lindt choccies?

Thanks to all your fantastic ‘where I found love’ stories. They were so good, we’ve read, tweeted and shared them as much as possible! But, today’s our prize draw, and we’ve drawn the winners as promised. Thanks to Icon Home Entertainment, the five winners who’ll be receiving a prize pack are: Michelle H, Jacky, joyjoyc, Allison and Terri. Each prize pack is worth $100 and includes Wild Target on DVD, a madcap caper / romance starring Emily Blunt and Bill Nighy. And Red on DVD, starring Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren, Mary Louise Parker and Morgan Freeman – a comedy/thriller about a former spy who’s forced to reassemble his old crack team to flush out an assassin trying to kill him. There’s also a big box of chocolate, of course. Lindt chocolate, no less. The Swiss Luxury Collection. Mouth watering, much?

What you had to do to enter: We asked you to tell us where you’d found love – or where love had found you. This competition is now closed, but if you’d like to stay in the loop about our next upcoming competition, simply subscribe to the RC Scoop.

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  1. Helga 10 years ago

    I was looking for work from home; fortunately I found work; but I also found love. We are still together after 24 years.

  2. fiona 10 years ago

    We were standing next to each other in the dinner queue at TAFE – I ordered a dry baked potatoe (all I could afford) and he ordered quiche, hot chips and beans. My mouth was watering. Still together 21 years later and 3 ‘mini quiches’ have arrived!

  3. Chloe 10 years ago

    I met my partner while working in Amsterdam. People go to the red light city and come back with a lot of things they can’t get rid of – but a boyfriend usually isn’t one of them 😛

  4. kerrie 10 years ago

    I found my love when my friend left me and him alone and went to bed. We stayed up talking all night it was a great night

  5. samantha 10 years ago

    Real love was found in the most unexpected place for me, it was right in front of me the whole time. After an ugly divorce i was devastated but survived beacuse of the support from a friend. Our friendship blossomed turned into love and now 20yrs later we are blissfully happy, not only is he my partner but my best friend and yes it was worth the pain of my divorce to end up with this wonderful man.

  6. Cathy Bowdler 10 years ago

    I found my perfect love in a Woolies carpark some thirty odd years ago, he was 14 and I, 15.He wore a cowboy hat and was 6’2″ tall, how could I not be impressed! I’ve been milking his cows ever since…..ah romance!

  7. Barbara 10 years ago

    Remember the days of going to the old picture theatres. I went to the toilet after the film and saw a nice handsome man standing outside the toilets. We chatted a little, went out on a date, got married and had four kids

  8. Angela fiorenza 10 years ago

    it was love at first sight, the room was empty and we were the only ones left……………………………is this 25 words or less

  9. Michelle H 10 years ago

    I already was married to the love of my life at the time. But when they handed me our adopted baby in China and looked into her eyes for the first time I knew that I had fallen in love for a second time.

  10. Karen 10 years ago

    16 years ago my girlfriend invited me to a night of Pizza and DVD’s at her house – I went around in Old jumper, tighta and Ugs – as you do !

    Only to find a man in a business suit sitting on her lounge – it was a Blind date set up !

    We have been together 16 years – 11 years of marriage and 2 children – looks like she did know best !

  11. Fiona Garlick 10 years ago

    on an internet chat forum, turns out he was a geek (who’d have thought), my geek though.

  12. joyjoyc 10 years ago

    I found love in a pet store, he was tiny, fluffy and white with big brown eyes……..my cute puppy dog!

  13. citrineshaz 10 years ago

    It was the net where we met
    The love did not last
    Now he’s in the past
    I thought I was in heaven
    The years were seven
    The idea was good
    But I was misunderstood

  14. julie M 10 years ago

    I found love at the local bar. He owned the bar and I drank all his champagne. I kept going back because the drinks kept getting cheaper!!

  15. Kevin 10 years ago

    I found love at the back of a clothes boutique, the most beautiful girl I had ever met, we were both separated and we found each other at the right time, that was 30 years ago

  16. April Jane 10 years ago

    I fell in love with a “Busker” he was playing a Nirvana love song, and Nirvana is my favourite band, it was love at first sight!

  17. melissa 10 years ago

    at work

  18. Allison 10 years ago

    Love found me a month before I was due to fly too Europe to backpack for 6 months!! I went, he waited and we are about to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary!!

  19. Sadhbh 10 years ago

    We bonded over our love of travel in different locations – I’m from Ireland, I was backpacking around Australia and living in Perth. He’s from Coffs Harbour, and was living in Sydney. We met in Canberra, and then again in Melbourne. He flew to Brisbane to see me on my next backpacking stop and when we eventually ended up in Sydney at the same time, we started going out.

    He proposed in Sydney, but we are getting married in Fiji, so we’re still travelling.

  20. Alex 10 years ago

    In a market square in Ecuador is where I met my husband whom I adore.
    Fifteen years ago I was travelling the world alone to see what life was for.
    Different language and cultures is what we overcame.
    But the feeling of love is what we had the same.

  21. Hannah 10 years ago

    I found my soulmate in the garden of my best friends house, he was her ex-partner. Their 3 yr old girl was what kept them friends although they were not in a relationship for more than 2 years. She gave us her blessing and we got married a couple of years later. Now our girl is almost 18 and we had a wonderful 15 years together as a couple, 10 of those married ones. It still freaks people out, when I introduce her to people as my best friend and just as an afterthough, as my daughter’s other mum … o_O

  22. Tracy Boulter 10 years ago

    I met the love of my life, the driver of an locomotive train hauling 200 cars of iron ore on a 600kms trip. He still drives trains and sometimes still even drives me loco.

  23. Helen 10 years ago

    It was 1985, I was feeling so lousy with the flu, runny eyes and red nose, but needed to dash into the chemist for tissues and lozenges. Well there he was, staring at me intently and I had nowhere to hide. He didn’t mind that I was sick and certainly not looking my best, he chatted and asked for my number and has been looking after me ever since! I knew from that first moment he was a very special and caring person.

  24. Lois 10 years ago

    On a camping trip, in the tent next to me and my girlfriends was the love of my life, after a week getting to know each other we started meeting on a regular basis and love blossomed!

  25. Melissa K 10 years ago

    I found love through a playstation console!
    My playstation broke and a guy that was handy at fixing these things moved in across the road…
    I went over and asked him if he could fix it…. and well our love blossumed from there,
    11 years on we are still together!

  26. Sue 10 years ago

    It wasn’t on the rebound, but on the first bounce, I was jumping on a trampoline at a carnival display, looked down and into the eyes of the one for me (awwww). I forgot what I was supposed to be doing and ruined the routine. That was over 30 years ago!

  27. Joanne 10 years ago

    At an indoor cricket match final. There were people screaming and sweaty men everywhere. Quite memorable but not very romantic.

  28. Terri 10 years ago

    After I split with my boyfriend his friend was there for me making sure I was ok.
    We’ve now been together for 14 years, married for 9 years and have a 10 year old daughter and we’re still going strong.
    People used to ask if I regretted going out with the other but I say no because I wouldn’t have met my soul mate if I didn’t.

  29. kt 10 years ago

    I found love with an tall blonde American tourist in a pub. I invited him home to stay (well, he saved money on accomodation!) and he then invited me to travel with him around the States, which I did for several years. Alas, it did not last past 3 years but we still keep in contact & have fond fond memories of each other. He’s still single, so I like to think that I had an impact on his life (as sometimes you can never tell!).

  30. jane 10 years ago

    I met my husband at his cousins house where I happened to be staying after moving state. As I was looking for a flat to share with someone, he just so happened to have a room spare at his flat. I moved in after strict instructions not to scratch his records …… Well needless to say we started a relationship and married four years later and and are still married after 22 years and many scratched records.

  31. Anna 10 years ago

    I met him after losing my wallet on the train. I was crying on the platform, and a tall, dark handsome stranger brought me some tissues and a coffee. He drove me to the hotel where my friend was staying, and he took me out for dinner the next night. He was my knight in shining armour!

  32. melanie w 10 years ago

    i found love through a knock at my front door a chance meeting and 13 years later we are still together

  33. shana 10 years ago

    The moment i fell in love was also the moment I was in my utterly worst state. I vomited after suffering an allergic reaction to a dish I had consumed. He held my hair up as I puked my guts out and literally carried me home as i was so weak to walk. When we reached my place, I vomited one last time in the hall and told him, ‘just take me to my room, I’ll clean it later.’ A true gentlemen he tucked me into bed. I woke up later feeling horrid and disgusted that I had vomited infront of the man of my dreams. Crawling out of bed to do clean up my mess, I was lots for words to find my hall was spotless. He cleaned it up! I knew I had found the best man ever and I haven’t let go of him since.

  34. Lisa Gray 10 years ago

    I traveled all the way to New Zealand to find the love of my life lived 2 suburbs away.

  35. Rhonda Lockery 10 years ago

    I was actually hitch hiking from Bathurst to Orange , I was a little silly and naughty those days
    but oh how that has changed , I was picked up by my one true love who I have now been
    married to for 39 years

  36. Amanda Gorton 10 years ago

    I found love at the pound! When I moved into my own house I decided on adopting a companion to make my home complete. Walking into the corridor of kennels at the local animal shelter I layed my eyes on a 6 month old beagle. It was love at first sight! We have since been inseperable and share many pastimes such as evening walks!

  37. Thorny 10 years ago

    On the school bus while in secondary school… Been together 14 years, married for 12 and have a 13 year old son and 8 year old daughter together. He’s my life partner, my soul mate.

  38. Christina 10 years ago

    I didn’t know what real love was until I discovered mother love. 3 adorable babies later I really get it. The best part is that it never wanes, if anything it just gets better and better and better….

  39. karina 10 years ago

    I found love on tv every Saturday night when Baywatch was on. Billy Warlock was my first real crush.

  40. lyndel rowe 10 years ago

    im still waiting to find real love, i thought i had it but myex husband moved on to another,so im looking for love,and those great movies and choccys!

  41. Jacky 10 years ago

    At a hospital volunteering in the radio station for the hospital. One look across the mixing desk and I was hooked!

  42. pollycat 10 years ago

    Sounds like a Country song (or a rude joke!) but I found love at a truck stop! I was a service cashier & hubby was a truck driver!

  43. Diana O. 10 years ago

    When I was not looking, love found me. Both visiting a mutual friend, when this cute stranger took it upon himself to loudly ‘pass wind’ in my direction & then start to giggle (yes it sounds off, but was funny at the time)…and we’ve been together ever since! To this day he still claims that by ‘scenting’ me, he made me his for life.

  44. Christine 10 years ago

    I found love on the net 3 years ago, to this day we have never met and most likely never will. We call each other often and send letters and gifts, we don’t give up hope that we will meet one day miracles do happen. It’s heartbreaking to want and be with someone and can’t.

  45. Di 10 years ago

    In a tutorial at University, many years ago. I think it was a Philosophy tutorial. He started talking to me afterwards and we immediately clicked. The rest is history, as they say. Aaahh, the memories 🙂

  46. Belinda Bonello 10 years ago

    I found love at the dog pound, I found the little love of my life there, my 14 year old chihuahua Marco. He is the most sweet and loving dog ever. Who needs a man when you have a dog like this!

  47. Jennifer 10 years ago

    Climbing under a fence to escape from a School Sports Carnival!

  48. Lesley Fisher 10 years ago

    I found love on the main street of Perth.I literally bumped into him and fell for those deep,dark brown eyes.It’s years later,we have 3 daughters with brown eyes and we are still happily married.

  49. Deb 10 years ago

    I was his “pick-up” from the beach. That was 35 years ago, and we’re still going strong!

  50. Raelene 10 years ago

    I met my now husband through my mums boss! We’ve been together since he was 18,married when he 24 and have been married for 8 years we have two beautiful boys together,he’s the love of my life!

  51. Christine Lee 10 years ago

    It was literally Love on the Net. I met him playing tennis 🙂

  52. Micky 10 years ago

    In an elevator. IOt may seem quite cliche’d but we locked eyes and that was it. We just magically clicked and have been together ever since. Whomever said love works in mysterious ways was right

  53. Chrissy M 10 years ago

    I’ve actually found love just down the road. After being 4yrs as a single mum I just happened to bump into him whilst walking. Before now I never believed in love at first sight but it’s definitely out there. For the past year we had practically been neighbours but we had never seen each other until I wasn’t watching where I was going and crashed into him – thank god for that 🙂

  54. Anne 10 years ago

    I found love back in 1991 while I was a bus driver. I caught a lift with another bus driver in to the city to take over a bus and that’s when he asked me out. We were married a year later.

  55. Bron 10 years ago

    In the eyes of my kids – their dad doesn’t count 😉

  56. Cyndie 10 years ago

    I’m from France, I found love in England and my man is from Australia. It was over 4 years ago. Now I live in Sydney with him. That was random.

  57. Judith 10 years ago

    I found love over the photocopier. He worked in the building next door, with the communal photocopier located outside his office. Despite a few (work related) conversations and a lot of longing glances on my part, nothing romantic happened for three years.

    I had actually left that workplace by the time we met up in a pub one evening. Alcohol-fueled, he finally got up the courage to ask me out for lunch. It only took him another nine years of dating before he proposed. We married at the end of 2005, more than 12 years after we first met!

    Our daughter certainly takes after me, rather than her father, in terms of timing. She was a honeymoon baby and turned up just one day after her due date in just a matter of a few hours. If there’s another baby for me, I won’t be letting hubby escape for a long shower once contractions start or drive the ‘scenic’ route to the hospital … or we could be delivering a baby in the car!

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