WHO WON the Bimbadgen Moscato competition?

WHO WON the Bimbadgen Moscato competition?

Bimbadgen MoscatoDa dum! There can only be one winner of the Bimbadgen Moscato, sadly. And, after my super-scientific Random.org draw this morning, that lucky lucky person is: KATE JAMES!

Congrats Kate! I’ll be in touch for your address today and after that, three bottles of Moscato worth $18 each will be whizzing their way to you shortly. A big thanks to the peeps at Bimbadgen Estate for this great comp. Here’s to more wine competitions, am I right?

To enter this fab comp… You had to be a liker of RC’s Facebook page, and reveal your favourite drop in the comments. Looks like a lot of you are Moscato and Champagne lovers. Respect. 

What Kate won… Three bottles of sparkling Moscato from the Hunter Valley’s famous Bimbadgen Estate. This wine was a new one for me and I found it a lovely drop; light and fresh and naturally sweet, with quite aromatic musk flavours. Pretty perfect for an aperitif with friends, maybe while noshing on canapes or tapas.

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  1. Linda Hynson 7 years ago

    Unwooded Chardonnay:-)

  2. Michelle W 7 years ago

    I LOVE Moscato- sweet and fruity- just like me.

  3. kristy Sweeney 7 years ago

    I dont have a favourite brand, I like anything sweet and Moscato is my favourite wine and I love sweet bubbles too, so Bimbagden Moscato would be the perfect drop.

  4. Melissa 7 years ago

    I am currently supping a deliciously full bodied merlot that has warmed me through, from to the top of my head to the tips of my toes!

  5. Natalie Stoute 7 years ago

    I enjoy all types of wine!
    Sauvignon blanc – my lunch time plonk
    Chardonnay – let’s have a partay!
    Moscato – perfect with a taco
    Champagne – First Class on a plane
    Riesling – makes me sing!
    Semillon – let’s get it on 😉
    Bimbadgen – anything I imagine!

  6. Mandy Shaw 7 years ago

    I love anything cheap, sweet and bubbly!

  7. Eden 7 years ago

    A glass of bubbly! Yellow glen is my current fave!

  8. Laura Jilka 7 years ago

    A smooth Shiraz with cheese;
    It’s always ready to please.
    Full of fruit after one glass or three,
    Even if I make a fool of me.

  9. sue petrie 7 years ago

    i love a good moscato pink so sparkling and sweet

  10. dierdre wilkinson 7 years ago

    I always drink Riesling, but now I want to try Moscato because everyone’s raving about it.

  11. Anne C 7 years ago

    I love sweet wine so Moscato is my favourite- white, pink or sparkling- adore it all!

  12. Kirsten W 7 years ago

    I love the Moscato. White, pink or sparkling. I’m not chosey!

  13. Michelle Pyne 7 years ago

    anything sparkling as it always reminds me of fun times at the races with my girls

  14. LizzieS 7 years ago

    Now I’ve tasted Bimbadgen’s Moscato nothing else will do, sweet, bubbly pick for this Reality Chick!

  15. Vivian DI Biasi 7 years ago

    I love moscato, sweet and refreshing too easy to drink.

  16. nuta 7 years ago

    Mmmm Riesling ..anything white..think I’ll have one now to celebrate another day of Sydney rain!

  17. Jodie Harlow 7 years ago

    Champers is my tastebuds delight.

  18. AmberB 7 years ago

    Champagne or anything pink. I don’t drink often, but when I do I like to feel glamorous and feminine … preferably accompanied with ‘High Tea’.

  19. Karlene 7 years ago

    Riesling, moselle and moscato….anything super sweet.

  20. Roberto Colombi 7 years ago

    Shiraz and Merlot – two ‘Reds’ are better than 1!

  21. Marie Pohnetalova 7 years ago

    Brown Bros Riesling…. this drop is in a ‘Glass’ lof its own!

  22. Vicki F 7 years ago

    I enjoy a glass of red for it’s health benefits……….the other glasses are for my exceptionally witty comebacks and flawless dance moves!

  23. Tony L 7 years ago

    Shiraz always hits the spot, especially after a hard days work!

  24. kate james 7 years ago

    I love love love Sparkling Red Shiraz

  25. Cyndie 7 years ago

    My favourite white wine in Australia is Pinot Gris and my favourite red wine is Shiraz. Unlike most Australian women, I do not like Sauvignon Blanc which most of the time I find taste like “capsicum”. Being French, wine is very important to me! I have visited (and even stayed) the Bimbadgen winery in October last year and had the privilege of having a private tasting conducted by their wine maker Sarah Crowe. I’ve been one of their biggest supporter since, I love their wine!

  26. Nola Goodwin 7 years ago

    I love a sparkling fruity wine.

  27. Merryl Donn 7 years ago

    I love a light bubbly Moscato in summer and a big red Zinfandel in winter.

  28. Kat 7 years ago

    i love champers – cheap or expensive, its all bubbles to me (so classy!)

  29. Love bubbles, Moscato, Sauv Blanc… I’m not fussy 😉

  30. Tess Howard 7 years ago

    I’m very partial to bubbles! And there are some wonderful Tassie wines around. Best birthday ever was when hubby organised a surprise winery bus tour for about 12 of us. All day, going to various wineries, just eating, drinking and laughing ALOT! If you ever get a chance to grab a Tassie white wine, do it! You won’t be sorry. Goaty Hill and Josef Chromy are my favorites!

  31. Lisa Jene 7 years ago

    I’m an equal-opportunity wine drinker. I don’t think it’s fair to discriminate against poor grape varieties who gave their lives for some glorious elixir. That said, I do have a soft spot for big earthy Hunter Valley shiraz. Make it sparkling, and I’m in heaven.

  32. Nico 7 years ago

    I’ll pretty much drink anything, but call me Ramona because I do love my Pinot Gris. Second on the list is a drop of French Bubbly. Delightful!

  33. Graham Buckingham 7 years ago

    My partner and I are red wine people thank believe in having a glass with a nice tea for health reasons.

  34. Louise 7 years ago

    Im a bubbles girl and absolutely love Moscato it’s like drinking pink champagne..YUM

  35. Susannah 7 years ago

    Champagne and Chardonnay love them equally

  36. Julian 7 years ago

    My mates laugh at me, but the only thing I drink is Moscato, the sweeter the better. They’d call me a girl but they get a benefit out of me drinking Moscato: because it’s quite low in alcohol I am the only one who can safely drive everyone home after a drinking session.

  37. Sonya N. 7 years ago

    I love Moscato…. it’s about the only thing I ever drink, though Riesling will do if there’s no Moscato around. I love my wine really sweet, like lolly water. Ahhhh….

  38. Narelle Rock 7 years ago

    I love most white wines, but my favourite is either Unwooded Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc, light and crisp, fruity flavours, and goes really well with a nice curry!

  39. Kathy Mason 7 years ago

    I love Moscato as it is lower in alcohol which means lower in calories and better for your waistline.

  40. Heather 7 years ago

    At the moment, my favourite drop is Morris’s Old Rutherglen Muscat. One shot glass before dinner is warming me up beautifully!

  41. Kathy McDuff 7 years ago

    I love Brown Brothers Crouchen Reisling – Mum introduced me to it years ago and it’s been my favourite ever since!!

  42. Di Childs 7 years ago

    I love me some sweet Annies Lane Moscato. It’s pink, bubbly, fruity and delicious. What fun!

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