WHO WON the five signed copies of I’ll Tell You Mine?

WHO WON the five signed copies of I’ll Tell You Mine?

Congrats to Abby, Diana, Tuffi, Shelly Anne and Mark Lillington – you guys were the lucky five plucked from our draw to win a copy of Pip Harry’s brand spanking new book, I’ll Tell You Mine. You’ll be contacted shortly so we can arrange to send you your prize! Don’t forget, I’ll Tell You Mine is in stores now, and it’s a cracking page-turner about 16-year-old Kate, a goth who does something so awful, she finds herself packed off to boarding school. What comes next? Friendship. Heartbreak. Bitchiness (a lot of that, but hey – it’s high school). And of course, a first love that’ll give you serious warm fuzzies. Read our review here!

To enter… We asked you to cast your mind back to your school days and tell us about your biggest high school crush (or crushes).


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  1. julie bennett 8 years ago

    mine would be my maths teacher in high school,
    i failed at maths and always needed extra help
    one on one

  2. S Lint 8 years ago

    He moved to town when he was 14, and it was instant attraction on both parts. Unfortunately there was this other girl who liked him and was both of our friends and told us both that she’d talked to the other person and she said he didn’t like me, and she told him I didn’t like him. It was always really awkward when we hung out together both of us having feelings but never acting on them thinking the other wasn’t interested, then my family moved away when I was 16. Years later I was preparing my 21st birthday party and about a week before he got in touch with me through the internet and came to my 21st. We shared a kiss but there wasn’t a spark anymore but we’re still friends.

  3. Judy Roney 8 years ago

    Kevin, he was very tall, dark and handsome in my eyes. He,like me was very quiet and shy. We lived in the country and went to different schools in neighbouring towns. But being very small schools we got together for sport, excursions’ camps etc. Always admired him from afar as he did me as I found out later. Lost contact for a few years when I went to boarding school but would you believe we ended up marrying and 36 years later we are still very much in love!!!!

  4. Rachel Watt 8 years ago

    I had a major high school crush, also worked with the guy as well as going to school with him. Never acted on it, but used to listen to the song ‘Eternal flame’ by human nature and cry thinking of the man who I thought was my one true love!

  5. Cathy 8 years ago

    I met my high school crush in a Woolies car park after finishing my part time job for the day. I’d admired him from afar for months, he was 14 and I 15. He was tall dark and wonderful, a country boy with a huge black cowboy hat.
    We met at school lunch times at the back of the school oval, he went to the next door Catholic high school and I went to the state school, we became an item and got into trouble so many times for our trips to the back of the oval.
    Thirty eight years later we’re still going on long walks together, just not to the back of the oval.

  6. Monica 8 years ago

    Totally, painfully, from a distance..but its nice to reminise about it! And wonder ‘what if?’.

  7. mark Lillington 8 years ago

    I went to an all boys school in England ,even the “girls” next door were nuns , so my cruches were reduced to seeing the drunk ladies coming out the pub at dinner times , that must be where i have got my love for bar staff ( barmaids )

  8. Trish Murray 8 years ago

    My first crush was Tony, he was beautiful, I did everything he did. He was a couple of years older than me but I took german because he did and would speak with him in german at lunch times to look intelligent to him. We became great mates and hung out after school also, went shopping, dinners, movies etc. We were out shopping one day when he said OMG he is hot did you see him, my heart sank, my first love and crush was with a gay man. I never confessed my feelings to him however we always remained good friends.

  9. maz 8 years ago

    He lived just around the corner I wrote him a letter and put it in his letter box, his mother opened it and told my mother – I had written to him – embarassment

  10. Mostly I just lusted from afar.
    The one time I told one of my good male friends that I “liked” him, I found he like me back, so we started officially dating. Unfortunately, after a few weeks, I realised I preferred him as a friend, but didnt want to break his heart. It took another 4 months for me to break up with him. He was devestated, and our friendship was never the same
    We are still friends, I am happily married with children and he is about to get married to gorgeous girl. I just wished our friendship was as close as it was before the “big mistake” πŸ™

  11. lynne lillington 8 years ago

    Simon a boy in the grade higher , who played the saxaphone, I even enrollled in music year 10 just to be in musicals and to be near him. I t was the only class I never misssed and I tried to learn every instrument to be in the band. Alas I was tone deaf and he moved schools the next year and musicals were never the same.

  12. Jeanette 8 years ago

    I was never interested in any of the guys at highschool as I felt I would be better off focussing on a real man instead.

  13. Kristina 8 years ago

    Yes his name was Craig and I was year 7 and he was year 9. The usual was via a friend we became boyfriend and girlfriend, he was my first kiss at the school dance. It didnt last too long but I continued to have a crush throughout the years he was there. My older sister the same age as him dated him couple months after I did and I didnt speak to her until she broke up with him haha.

  14. Tess Howard 8 years ago

    John Taylor from Duran Duran (sigh) spent hours playing the albums or cassette tapes and staring at the poster on my wall. There were boyfriends and crushes in high school, but nothing compared to the heart throb angst from crushing on a famous person. LOL. Other than screaming my lungs out with some girl friends at a concert, it was all worshiping from afar.

  15. Caroline 8 years ago

    A guy named Tony. After I realised that he wanted me to help him with his homework (do it for him), I dumped him. He spent a few weeks in solitary/detention for not completing his aforementioned homework. He ended up harassing me at school.

    I saw Tony many years’ later – overweight and on his own.

  16. Jacky 8 years ago

    A very tall boy, brother of a friend (perhaps that’s why she was my friend!) sadly nothing ever happened, I wonder where he is now.

  17. Linda Hynson 8 years ago

    Michael Cates-loved him from afar-mind you he is bald now lol!!!

  18. Shelly Anne 8 years ago

    He was my best friends boyfriend! And I loved him from afar πŸ™

  19. Ros Tadd 8 years ago

    My brothers friend Russell. A surfie guy from Queensland blonde and tanned. I eventually won him over and for 9 years we dated. He was my first boyfriend and although we never married, thirty years later I married a man almost identical to him. Such is the circle of life.

  20. Phillip Cunningham 8 years ago

    Her name was Mandy and I knew her at church at the time that I was finishing school. She was a brunette and very beautiful and I bought her a necklace which she asked me to put on her and in my fumbles I broke the chain. We moved shortly after and we lost contact with each other. I wonder what if would have been like if we didn’t lose contact, but a few years later I met my wife Jackie at a Christian youth group and we fell in love, now we’ve been married 30 years and thankfully I lost contact with Mandy for if I didn’t i probably wouldn’t have met Jackie.

  21. Tara N 8 years ago

    I had a serious crush on a family friend called Ben. He went to another school, but I saw him a bit through family and made the most of being near him on any of these occasions. I would stay over sometimes as I got along well with his Mum. It went along like this for 4 years. I got up the courage to ask him out, but he let me down nicely. Then one day the unbelievable happened and he asked me out. We went to the movies – I heard girls we didn’t know when we were out saying what’s he doing with her? I think then I started to doubt why he’d want to be out with me and it must just be as friends. When we got back to my place he asked if he could walk me to my door, and I said no. My thinking at the time was he’d done enough already just taking me out – now I wonder what could have been if I’d had more confidence.

  22. tuffi 8 years ago

    my high school crush was the edgy mysterious drummer for the school band i never acted on it directly but flirted away hoping he would notice. unfortunantly i wasnt good enough back then but five years later while i was in a serious relationship he decided i was worthy of his time. lets just say it was a tad too late πŸ™‚

  23. Linda Clark 8 years ago

    His name was Grant and he moved to our school in grade 3. We had our first kiss under the seats below our classroom window. We were great friends and we went to each others parties till we parted at high school.
    I ran into him a few years ago and he hadnt changed my. Just gaukier and taller. Just a nice guy, No regrets

  24. Missylee 8 years ago

    I loved from afar, pining from my hallway window hoping against hope to be able to catch a glimpse of him as he walked past or road his bike… I would ride my own bike feverishly passed nearly falling off in the hope that he might see me and wave. It was never to be… but my sons name is the same …… it was unrequited love so I always loved the name (100%) the truth!

  25. Rae Graham 8 years ago

    My crush never knew I was alive!,He was admired from afar and already had a girlfriend but he made going to school fun!

  26. Linda 8 years ago

    James – alas, only worshipped from afar, sigh!

  27. renee hermansen 8 years ago

    on a boy in the year above me. never acted on it till years after school when i seen him at a club and we had a kiss then.

  28. Kathy Mason 8 years ago

    My Year 9 Maths teacher, he was hot, but I was so shy that I could only dream about him from afar. I hated school but he made going everyday tolerable.

  29. Di Childs 8 years ago

    I had a massive crush on my hot next door neighbour when I was at high school. One day my friend and I let my dog out to run around the oval out the back so that I could talk to him (he was playing footy out there with his brothers). My dog ended up biting his brother and he had to get stitches! I felt SO bad, but my crush was really nice about it. Oops.

  30. Deb Crane 8 years ago

    His name was Tim. He was in Senior High and I was in Junior two years behind him. I thought he was so handsome. I would wait at the school gate and follow him home every day after school and if I was lucky enough I would do the same on the way to school. But alas he was in love with the headmaster’s daughter and they eventually married and lived happily ever after.

  31. Judith M 8 years ago

    After so called ‘friends’ told him that I liked him, we started going out. He was big about ‘pashing’, but when we went on a school excursion, wouldn’t do it on the bus coming back to school (at night) in case someone saw us. So he took me behind the gym where we were sleeping over at school. Unfortunately the tension got to much to me and instead of kissing, I kept laughing every time he got close. He left at the end of the year for a new school and farewelled me with our one and only kiss. Ahhhh …..

  32. Ann 8 years ago

    My biggest crush when I was in high school is Jonathan. He looks like a typical American guy,his nose and lips were my fave to stare at lol. One time he caught me geez and then few days ago,I caught him staring at me. During our lunch break at the canteen. A guy approached me and ask for my name. I knew it! he’s one of Jonathan’s friends. Few days passed, there are notes on my locker telling “I love your eyes”, “I love your smile”. One morning, there’s a rose in my desk. I dont have an idea who does it all coz there’s no name. The next day,there’s a note in my locker saying “5pm gym”. Again I had no idea, I dont know what wenton my mind and I was there on the gym. There’s no one. Suddenly, a song was played You and me by Lifehouse and there’s this shadow of a guy holding a rose wearing a mask. As he came closer, I stared at his nose and lips, and to my surprise,I knew it was him.. My biggest crush, Jonathan.. Its crazy sometimes how things work out in the end. We dated for 2 yrs. But we didnt end up together coz he had some issues. But we became friends. πŸ™‚

  33. DIANA 8 years ago

    Oh a huge crush on an older age student who returned to year ten at the age of 21. He was gorgeous, and I went out of my way to always ‘accidentally on purpose’ be where he was, and bump into him. He was in my art class & often offered to draw my portrait, asking me to stay back after school so he could draw me. As much as this tickled my fancy and fueled my school-girl fantasies I always declined, conforming to peer group pressure because my friends did not approve nor like him. In hindsight, I wish I’d let him draw me……maybe he liked me too?? Who knows!!! I’ve even tried to find him on Facebook now, but sadly he’s not on there.

  34. Di 8 years ago

    Tragically I became a ‘love’ stalker without even realising it until many, and I mean MANY years later when he meanly forwarded me a huge box full of everything I’d ever sent him. I was 16 and at the time convinced I was in love, and him ignoring me broke my heart in two, so to get his attention I sent him two or three love letters daily via snail mail. Cards, poems, gifts, flowers, chocolates – you name it, I sent it. I cringe now when I think of the laughs him and his mates had behind my back, actually even in my face & I was too deep in the world of ‘crush’ to see it. I wish I knew then, what I know now!

  35. V 8 years ago

    It was a boy from my class in primary school. I went off to boarding school, the crush remained and I finally got the nerve up to call him the guise of looking for primary school grad photos. Nothing further happened. It was all a little bit anti-climactic but it felt so extreme at the time!

  36. Penny George 8 years ago

    A boy named Grant who was 3 years ahead of me at school. I loved him from afar and when he asked me to dance at the school disco, I ran away!! He never spoke to me again and I had a broken heart for a long time.

  37. Abby 8 years ago

    My biggest crush was on my maths teacher – luckily I never acted on it or seen him since I left school – I’d probably be shocked with what he looks like now!

  38. Clare Castle 8 years ago

    Dave Bell was the tall, good looking cheeky blonde that lived around the corner. We were best friends and met up most days after school to chat and perve on the opposite sex together. When he smiled it was like a firecracker had gone off – his naughtiness was infectious and all the girls adored him. But being ‘best friends’ with someone that hot was utterly tortorous. We would joke and tease and laugh with each other but all I wanted him to do was jump my bones! When I finally did get that kiss, that firecracker kiss, our friendship was never the same. I’d take it back in a heartbeat to still have that special friendship.
    Sigh. Hormones, hey. Can’t trust ’em.

  39. George (uk) 8 years ago

    My first high school crush was a boy called Jason chinnick. I already had a beau from jnr school named Steven Bisp so my crush also brought my first feeling of betrayal to my steadfast jnr pal! Jason was so cool with tram lines in his hair and big trainer things with baggy jeans…..a bit vanilla ice really! We had our first kiss at the ice rink whilst kajagoogoo blared out in the background “to shy da shy, hush hush eye to eye!” we hung out for a bit but then just became Bessie mates as did he and my junior beau! Interestingly all three of us ended up living in Australia (albeit they were in QLD and I NSW) and I am still good mates with my jnr boyfriend who we used to see fairly frequently until we moved back to uk. so just goes to show that teenagers can be grown up!

  40. sarah 8 years ago

    oooo…it was the boy next door of course…a (very) brief kiss while all the neighbourhood kids looked on. Sigh.

  41. Traci 8 years ago

    My crush was a tall skinny pasty-white blonde haired guy who was 2 grades ahead of me. He was friends with my older sister. The first time we met, he walked up, sat next to me, licked a pencil eraser and stuck it in my ear (wet willie). That earned him a nice thump on the side of the head! He was sort of a dork. He was cute. He was charming as hell. He was the Homecoming King and ASB Vice President of our school. He knew everybody. He had a serious (as serious as you can be in high school!) girlfriend. Joking around in class turned into late night chats on the phone – which eventually turned into rides home from school every day in his Chevy Love pick-up – which quickly turned into things that teenagers should not be doing in the cab of a truck in the light of day or otherwise! After years of hooking-up and splitting up, then seperate collages and periods of not speaking to each other, a mutual friend insisted that I call him – he missed me. Against my own better judgement, I did. We got married in 2001 – we have two beautiful boys that look just like him (although not nearly as dorky!). He’s still charming as hell. Who says high school crushes don’t ever work out?

  42. Kitty 8 years ago

    His name was Rhys, he was tall and dark of hair (your classic YA love interest, actually) and he was a star freestyler on my swimming team. We occasionally did mixed relays together, wherein he would touch the wall, just as I jumped off it. We were destined never to touch. I remember sending him an anonymous Valentines card and hoping that he would guess it was from the wet, goggled girl in lane four. Sadly, although we shared many chlorine soaked moments together in a semi-naked state, it was not to be. He started seeing some ridiculously pretty blonde girl who used to come to our swim meets and hold his towel.

  43. polly 8 years ago

    I had a major crush on a guy called Paul when I was 11. He was my first kiss and it was terrible. Firstly, because we were in the middle of a circle of fellow tweens all playing spin the bottle (and cheering us on). Secondly, it was bad because the first thing he said when we broke off the liplock, was that I tasted like vegemite. Oh the shame!!
    I then had a major crush on a guy in high school called Andrew who I ended up dating for nearly a year, until he ran off with another girl. That was my first real major heartbreak. I cried and wrote bad teenage angst poetry for months. πŸ™‚

  44. NK 8 years ago

    A very handsome boy named James. We met at dancing class and he was shy and gorgeous….that is until he realised how handsome he was and proceeded to date every pretty girl in my year. That’s why it’s called a ‘crush’ right?

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