WHO WON the five copies of Aussie mini-series cloudstreet?

WHO WON the five copies of Aussie mini-series cloudstreet?

It’s been great to read about your favourite streets, roads, avenues, boulevards… so thanks to all our readers who entered this one! Our five lucky winners are: Jane, wackyjack, Sally Thompson, Kitty and flakes. Congrats. Thanks to Roadshow Home Entertainment, you’ll each receive a copy of cloudstreet on DVD! You’ll be contacted soon so we can arrange to send you out your prize.

If you loved Tim Winton’s book cloudstreet but missed the mini-series, it’s out in stores now. Set in and around Perth during the 1940s and 1950s, cloudstreet tells the story of two rural families who suffer separate catastrophes and flee to the city to pick up the pieces of their lives and start again. Brought together in the same house at No.1 Cloud Street, the Lambs and the Pickles’ share numerous tragedies and triumphs that draw them closer together, until the roof over their heads becomes a home for their hearts.

To enter the draw, you… Told us about a street you love or one you’ll never forget.

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  1. Lucie 9 years ago

    congrats to the winners 🙂

  2. Megan 9 years ago

    My street. Its unique in many ways, but most obvious is its name, Valley Ho.. not many people can forget which road i live on.

  3. Jane 9 years ago

    I think lygon street in Melbourne would have to be one of my favourite streets. I still remember the Italian restaurants and yummy cake shops from our trip to Melbourne years ago! A lovely street to stroll along too with so many things to take in. Definitely one of my favourite streets in the world!

  4. Kristina 9 years ago

    Withers St… Grew up on it, 17 years. In a family of 7 I have alot of happy memories.

  5. Leah Staker 9 years ago

    Upton Crescent, my childhood home….just holds those memories that we never lose, that we reflect on when we are raising our own children and drive down as adults just because we are drawn there…

  6. Cian 9 years ago

    Coronation Street, the program I watched for years with my Grandmother. Such happy memories I cherish!

  7. Ryan Jordan 9 years ago

    Sesame Street – absolutely essential viewing for about 5 years of my life and I still think of the characters all the time. I’m very upset that Cookie Monster has to eat fruit & vegetables these days.

  8. flakes 9 years ago

    Bleecker Street, spiritual home of the 60s folk music I grew up listening to

  9. Amanda Elizabeth 9 years ago

    I was in love with the boy down the street and even told him I’d marry him when we were 5.

    There was inneundo all our lives and our parents kept trying to set us up!

    Every time one of us was keen to try anything, the other would be busy with study or work commitments.

    I asked him to my Year 12 formal and our lips met. It felt like kissing my brother!

    It was then I felt I kissed him goodbye.

    I’m married now with 3 kids and he is married with one on the way.

    I know it worked out for the best- he was only ever a boy next door and that’s all he will ever be- just a distant what if????

  10. Monica 9 years ago

    Wattle crt….foster home for teenagers across the road…one tried to murder a carer and burn the house down…what a night!

  11. Catherine 9 years ago

    Not actually a signposted street…more of a track really. Its the dirt track that leads to our family beach house on the NSW Central Coast. The house has been in our family since the 1930s and its where several generations have enjoyed summer holidays. Swimming, fishing, collecting shells, catching up with family…great memories. Now its the place where we celebrate family milestones, because its the one place that brings everyone together for birthdays, christenings, engagements, graduation parties. Its even the place where my mother, as a young child, spent time away from Sydney at the height of WW2.

  12. annette prout 9 years ago

    My street now, the neighbours actually talk to us, first time in 7 years

  13. Lisa King 9 years ago

    Sesame Street!!!

    Educated me about my vowels, consonants AND that eating cookies made you a monster! Plus it now educates my own children…

  14. Noeleen McRae 9 years ago

    The legendary “Abbey Road” – life certainly came alive after The Beatles strutted their stuff there.

  15. Marc 9 years ago

    The one lined with green fields, that I love to walk along – it’s the old dirt road that leads to my home.

  16. Lisa Robbins 9 years ago

    As a Melbournian there are so many streets that have meaning for me but Degraves Street in the CBD is an amazing little arcade full of quirky cafes and great atmosphere.

  17. liongirl 9 years ago

    Even the air in French St, Launceston was perfumed with apple blossom that Spring. Our white picket fences and quiet cul de sac, deemed safe for learning how to ride ones bike, gave no hint of the mad cat lady or the strange couple who kept five Merino goats.
    There was also the dawn chorus of scolding for the little boy who lived a few doors down. Hs bed wetting at age 7 was deemed a most serious crime for which I could often hear the punishment when I’d cracked the window for a breeze.
    While I haven’t thought about that Spring for 30 odd years the real standout of French street, apart from its exotic name for 70’s Australia, was the day I woke up to find the house opposite a smouldering enticing wreck strewn with police tape.
    The burnt out remains and smoky musk captivated onlookers, including my father for weeks with its charcoaled skeleton. In fact if I ever wanted my dad I would follows the smudges and find him camera in hand living out his artistic youth which had been swallowed by single fatherhood and responsibilities.
    But before the house had time to be razed to the ground we moved yet again, this time to a house large enough to play home to my father’s next dream on Elphin Road…

  18. Laura 9 years ago

    I grew up on a Robert Street. My brother was Robert too, so when I was learning my address as a child in case I got lost, Mum would have to correct me, saying I wasn’t Laura who lived in Laura Street!

  19. Lucie 9 years ago

    McFarlane st a place I call my home, where neighbours have become family, where kangaroos and echidnas occassionally drop in, it is a street where the neighbourhood spirit is still alive.

  20. Judith Senese 9 years ago

    The street I grew up on. I learnt how to skateboard, as well as having a few stacks. I also made some wonderful friends with memories I will always cherish.

  21. Sue R 9 years ago

    The street I grew up in was full of kids to play with, great fun growing up together and always something happening.

  22. rose 9 years ago

    cavil Avenue during schoolies, most memorable experience of my life

  23. Michele 9 years ago

    Kempton St which is where my Grandparents live when I was growing up. It reminds me of being young and carefree playing the paddocks and following the creek 🙂

  24. Kerry 9 years ago

    Main Street USA, Disneyland, always dreamed of living out childhood fantasies and walk this beautiful street.

  25. judith perez 9 years ago

    5th AVENUE in PLAYA del CARMEN, CANCUN in MEXICO is awesome this is street full of good VIBRE

  26. coastalkaryn 9 years ago

    Loads of friends, a hill to race bikes and skateboards down, a lake at the bottom – bliss. Kallinga Rd, the street I grew up in 🙂

  27. Jayne 9 years ago

    Mosterton road, Elizabeth as kids we all would play out on the street with all the other kids, we had so much fun, played cricket, rode our bikes.

  28. Linda Steabben 9 years ago

    The street of my childhood. My parents lived in the same house for over 50 years so my old family street houses many memories, both joyful and sad but always treasured!

  29. VandaB 9 years ago

    South Terrace, Fremantle. Known as the “cafe strip” it is the home of good food and good coffee in WA and where I’ve been catching up with my friends and family for the past 25 years.

  30. Megan 9 years ago

    The street I grew up on will forever remain in my heart, so many fond memories.

  31. Heather 9 years ago

    Not a street but Nathan Road in Kowloon , Hong Kong is awesome. It’s so alive and exhilarating -even if you do get wet from the dripping air-conditioners overhead! Never get sick of it.

  32. Mick 9 years ago

    the street where I grew up in “Wild Horse Plains”. It was the sole street of a 5 house town and was a main highway where we used to have fun counting all the trucks that passed.

  33. Lois 9 years ago

    Clissold Street, it’s where I grew up and it’s the home to many wonderful childhood memories that I’ll keep forever!

  34. Leanne Stansbury 9 years ago

    Trafalgar Street Annandale. I have lived here all my life (give or take a few years here and there overseas.) To me it represents my family history. My grandparents lived here and my mother was born in this very house. I also love the way it has reinvented itself. When I was growing up and people asked where I lived, they would raise their eyes as it wasn’t a very desirable area. Now people would give their right arm (and their millions) to live here. Something very full circle and ironic about that but to me, as soon as I see the trees meeting in the middle of the road, I know I’m home!

  35. wackyjack 9 years ago

    The street/square that pops into my mind is the Plaza de Sarriegi, in the Old Town in San Sebastian (Spain). I lived here as part of my big overseas adventure when I was 23 years old.
    I’d rocked up to the country not knowing anyone but wanting to live in Spain to learn Spanish. I fell in love (with my Spanish teacher!! ha!) and loved this little sun-filled apartment. It was part of the Old Town so full of character and the best character was someone we nicknamed “Franco”, a homeless guy who lived on a bench outside my place. I would watch him from my balcony whooping and carrying on to passers by and always say hello to him when I walked about. One day he moved on with his trolleys and the Plaza never seemed quite the same again.

  36. Jessii Maloney 9 years ago

    Since i’m an aussie, i’m gonna have to say Ramsay street!

  37. Kelly Ryan 9 years ago

    My street Lovejoy Street makes me smile everytime I hear it, it’s also a great place to live!

  38. IJ 9 years ago

    Camden High Street, London.Colourful characters where all walks of life are welcome! Every nationality seems to appear on that street, and every urban tribe does too. Goths, musos, bohos, sloan rangers, djs, chavs, tourists. AHH Camden how I miss you and your delightful market.

  39. Anne 9 years ago

    Dead Man’s Curve, a turning intersection in Clermont Ohio, it lived up to its name and taken many lives, they actually fixed the curve to a straight four lane road in 1969 and one month later it kept up to its name and 5 people died there !! this is a true story but I think they need to make a movie about it.

  40. Kate 9 years ago

    Portobello Rd in London. Apart from being generally lovely, it’s the home of the best market in the world!

  41. jim 9 years ago

    Any street in the Infiorata Festival in Italy!

  42. nuta 9 years ago

    Definately Lombard St in San Francisco. It’ really pretty & good for you thighs when you walk up it!

  43. Sally Thompson 9 years ago

    Walking the Avenue des Champs-Élysées October 2008 with my husband and 14mth daughter. Grey clouds in the sky with patches of sunlight streaming through – just so magic!

  44. Anita 9 years ago

    Omigosh, when I was a kid we live at 69 Condon Cres. No wonder why my parents friends used to laugh at our address!! Being a kid I didnt understand what all the fuss was about. 😉

  45. Bubble Girl 9 years ago

    Will never forget East Hastings Street in Vancouver, Canada. Just got off the bus from Seattle, asked how to get into town and were directed down this street. An ambulance permanently stationed on one corner, drug deals going down all around us . . . it was certainly an eye opening experience!!!!

  46. Caroline Gunnulson 9 years ago

    My childhood street Fairfield Ave, it was a cul-de-sac and everybody knew everybody. We played Cricket, Tennis and rode our bikes and skateboards safely.

  47. Irena 9 years ago

    Cumpston Place McGregor..it was a cul-de-sac and your neighbours were like your family. You could go into anyone’s house and play, eat and just be happy. Sadly you dont get that anymore!!

  48. Margaret 9 years ago

    Leafy Lygon Street in Carlton ‘Little Italy’ for the Lygon Street Limbo.

  49. melanie w 9 years ago

    E street i loved that show every time i see someone who acted in it im reminded of my younger days.

  50. Ros 9 years ago

    ‘Collins Street in Melbourne’ for it’s European flavour and it’s uptown status that it has continued to hold on to over many years.

  51. Leigh Bonello 9 years ago

    Downing Street because it’s where England’s Prime Minister lives and it was even on Dr. Who!

  52. Di 9 years ago

    North Terrace in Adelaide as I went to University there and it’s also where I met my husband! It’s now 20 years later! Special memories 🙂

  53. Amber B 9 years ago

    The street of my childhood home. Many hours were spent playing soccer, cricket and other ball games with the other local kids – much to the annoyance of the neighbours and other traffic – lol 🙂

  54. kelly 9 years ago

    1000 East Port Marina Drive Hood River, OR USA it has the most amazing marina and the best view of the bridge of the gods which is the bridge from the opening scenes of Twilight, it is really beautiful

  55. Maria 9 years ago

    Via Cristoforo Colombo in a little village in sicily. I had holiday romance when I was 17 and used to meet him there.

  56. Amanda Gorton 9 years ago

    I grew up with the drama, love and friendship of the neighbourhood on Ramsay Street. Although it may be a fictional tv show Neighbours has been a solid part of my past, present and hopefully my future !

  57. Judy 9 years ago

    West Bay Creek road near Augusta WA. 37 years ago thats wher my boyfriend (now Husband of 36 years) and I used to go courting. We always told our parents we were going to the drive -in movies but we went parking instead.
    Many happy memories of getting to know each other happened on that bush track!!!!!

  58. Sharon 9 years ago

    I’m looking forward to moving into our new street (road) because we are the only house and we won’t have to put up with any noisy neighbours.

  59. Midnight12 9 years ago

    SESAME STREET My mornings always started with fun and laughter in front of a television. Watching my favourite characters in Sesame Street and to this day everybody knows my street, because it is so popular with the young and old.

  60. Debz 9 years ago

    Cemetery Road, Bruny Island, Tasmania – deadly place!

  61. Jacky 9 years ago

    Wentworth Road, Golders Green, London NW11 where I shared a house with some amazing people and we had the most terrific fun. Many happy memories (well what I can remember!)

  62. Bron 9 years ago

    The street i grew up in where we could play outside till dark, play foursquare on the road without worrying about being run over and all the neighbourhood kids played together. No gangs, no fights, just kids being kids.
    Same street today, you don’t let your kids out of your sight and sure as hell don’t let them play on the road. They even had to put speed humps on the road to slow down the drag-racers.
    I miss my kids not having the experience of being able to play that freely.

  63. Linda Clark 9 years ago

    Tennyson Street where I grew up full of memories and nights where we played on the street till the lights went on. A time that is lost

  64. Jennifer H 9 years ago

    BAR_ _ _ _ IS STREET where I grew up – Nothing ever changes – My husband calls it “The street where time stood still!”

  65. Helga 9 years ago

    Our street; because it is a quiet leafy suburban street with no transit traffic; there are no hoons; and there are hardly any break-ins.

  66. Raelene 9 years ago

    Boulevard St michel Paris – were we stayed on our last holiday to France – within walking distance to everything
    A place where you feel completely safe! Loved it!

  67. Helen Rodgers 9 years ago

    Bessell Avenue in the 1950’s…kids playing hopscotch in the middle of the road, the baker’s horse always dropping his ‘load’ in front of our house, the ice man giving us free chips of ice on hot summer days….a street where dreams were built and memories remain.

  68. kerry santillo 9 years ago

    Mount Horror Rd, forester in Tassie. Beautiful scenery but made the hairs on my neck stick up. Whether it was the name or because it was getting dark, it got scary!!!!! boo!

  69. Joanne Purnell 9 years ago

    Cavill Avenue, great place to stay, shop, eat and PARTY!

  70. Melissa 9 years ago

    Ramsey Street from Neighbours,how could anyone forget that ??

  71. Judith 9 years ago

    My street. I love arriving home after work and being greeted by stay-at-home hubby, Miss Five and the dogs. I do wish I could spend more time at home (and less at work), but someone has to pay the bills!

  72. Kitty 9 years ago

    Will never forget The Grange in East Malvern. Lived there from 0-11 years old. Street Christmas parties, jumping over neighbours fences, mud pies, rollerskating, bikes, street cricket, loads of kids, everyone’s houses friendly and open. It was everything a childhood should be and more. I still get misty eyed driving down that street.

  73. Glenis Okeefe 9 years ago

    L’Avenue des Champs Elysées Paris: enchanted by the beauty of trees, buildings, shops and people, just had to walk the length of this famous Street!

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