WHO WON the 6 x Hysteria DVDs?

WHO WON the 6 x Hysteria DVDs?

Hysteria_3DDid you know that the vibrator was the fifth household appliance to be electrified, after the sewing machine, fan, tea-kettle and toaster – but before the vacuum cleaner and electric iron? We were obviously way more interested in having orgasms than doing housework, just quietly. Anyhow, the invention of the vibrator is at the heart of the story in Hysteria, a fab rom com starring Maggie Gyllenhaal and Hugh Dancy – and thanks to Hopscotch Films we’ve got six DVDs worth $39.95 each, to give away! All you have to do to enter is tell us your favourite invention. (No judgement if you say vacuum cleaner. Honest.)

Thanks to the many, many of you…who entered by telling us your favourite invention. This has been one of my favourite competitions yet! Our winners from the draw – drumroll please – are Alicia Fox, Emma Truman, Wendy Christidis, Sue Petrie, Michelle P and Jarree Shelverton!

Didn’t win? Don’t worry – we have two more competitions still running at RC, to win 1 of 5 Magic Mike DVDs and to win movie tickets to new indie rom com Liberal Arts. G’luck!

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  1. terry wedding 8 years ago

    ride on mower with 5 acres its a godsend

  2. Faysie 8 years ago

    Chocolate icecream… where would we be without Chocolate icecream?

  3. Jarree Shelverton 8 years ago

    Wine, how would we get through monday otherwise!

  4. Keri 8 years ago

    My iPhone cause I’m addicted to Facebook! I actually don’t know how I’d get thu the day without fingertip access!.. Sad I know…

  5. Mandy Shaw 8 years ago

    The internet… because I can enter competitions like this one!

  6. Narelle Antonio 8 years ago

    A once only tablet to cure thrush..noone wants anyone to accidently see fungal creams in their medicine/ bathroom cabinets!

  7. angela 8 years ago

    my favorite invention is jaw supports- because my face is broken and it really helps!

  8. Daniela barbaro 8 years ago

    Panadol,it’s a relief when my headaches dissapear and I feel 100% better

  9. Jenna 8 years ago

    Men. Although the upgrade was superior in every way, the V1.0 human is great for those tasks I can’t be bothered with.

  10. Rowan MacDonald 8 years ago

    The iPod because it enables me to enjoy and carry my entire music collection with me wherever I go!

  11. Emma Trueman 8 years ago

    Siri on Iphone. Not only does she make using my phone much easier, she has some fantastic ideas on where to hide a body.

  12. Amanda O'Keeffe 8 years ago

    Oh God it has to be the EPIDURAL surely.

  13. Elizabeth Davey 8 years ago

    forks, because not only can I eat with them, I can stab people who try and steal my food

  14. Lani Kennedy 8 years ago

    Whoever invented the Stove-top espresso machine, brilliant job !!

    its been around a while, gets better and better, and starts my day off with a BANG !!!

  15. kelly petersen 8 years ago

    steam mop – makes mopping the floors so easy and who would of thought fun too

  16. Belinda Bonello 8 years ago

    Snow cone machines!

  17. jen dunne 8 years ago

    Air conditioning without it I would be moving to Iceland.

  18. Tess Lindsay 8 years ago

    DVD player – so I can watch awesome movies in the comfort of my own home

  19. Kallina 8 years ago

    Foot spa. When you can’t rely on someone else to do it… DIY

  20. Alicia fox 8 years ago

    A tablet is good and an iPhone is OK but the thing I love most is DSLR any day!

  21. Kirsten W 8 years ago

    Wine. I have no idea how I would get through some days without knowing there is a glass of wine waiting at the end of it. Gosh, that sounds terrible doesn’t it ! I swear, I’m NOT an alcoholic – just an ‘occasional ‘ glass of wine drinker!

  22. Amyas 8 years ago

    The internet–I love instant gratification.

  23. marilyn 8 years ago

    Medical miracles, how doctors decided that taking out someones heart and replacing it with another would work

  24. Kara 8 years ago

    Wet ones! I use them all the time they are amazing for cleaning just about anything from flyscreens to marks on walls to shoes! I couldnt live without them.. for something you use to wipe your bottom they do sooo much more… Dont even get me started on Listerine! Thats amazing too!

  25. sarahjane 8 years ago

    Microwave – Uni Students best friend

  26. Lea 8 years ago

    Superglue…so many accidents
    so many tears
    so much relief
    when it’s put back together

  27. Vera 8 years ago

    The internet is my favourite invention of all time. I can do anything I can think of with the power of the keyboard.

  28. Kelly Ryan 8 years ago

    The hair straightener makes for easy hair styling at home!

  29. Adriene 8 years ago

    Training wheels. How ingenious to put wheels on wheels.

  30. Russell 8 years ago

    The internet!

  31. Michelle Gray 8 years ago

    Washing machine, we would have seriously dirty clothes without it, there is NO WAY I’d be hand washing!!!!

  32. Karen Turner 8 years ago

    The bionic ear, seeing someone hearing there mum for the first time is priceless.

  33. Kristina 8 years ago

    The oven, i’d be lost without my oven

  34. Josie 8 years ago

    The dishwasher!

  35. Mick 8 years ago

    The humble paper clip. Designed for one purpose but so damned useful in many a situation

  36. Fiona 8 years ago

    The microwave, saves me more time than I care to mention!!

  37. Jeffrey Kenneth Sinnamon 8 years ago

    The pie maker, we have some wonderful dinner creations with the family

  38. Lee Marsden 8 years ago

    The GPS, I get so lost without it, I can even get slightly lost with it, but at least I know I’ll get home eventually!

  39. Amanda Gorton 8 years ago

    Facebook – it helps me stay connected with family and friends that I would have otherwise lost contact. I have also gained many more close friends through the social network!
    Thank you Mark Zuckerberg!

  40. andrew 8 years ago

    Helicopters ! Who’d have thought that blades whirring around in a circle could make you go up and down and even forwards and backwards ! Well obviously someone did.

  41. Paul Freeman 8 years ago

    One word,MONEY!

  42. Charisse Childs 8 years ago

    Tampons/pads….couldn’t imagine wearing a nappy to clean out during that time of the month.

  43. Ann-Marie 8 years ago

    The pod coffee machine’s. Cafe style coffee at home. I love this person. 😀

  44. Ryan 8 years ago

    Velcro, I never quite managed to tie laces properly !

  45. Anjie Morrisey 8 years ago

    dual screen on my pc, i never miss a comp now

  46. Tracey Stewart 8 years ago

    Anti-biotics. They have saved my life and my Mum’s, along with saving millions of people from agonising deaths.

  47. Michelle pyne 8 years ago

    iPod there is music that would make any kind of person happy on mine

  48. Judy Roney 8 years ago

    Not man made: SEX for sure!!!
    Man Made: Sex again,
    Sorry must be lacking in something????
    Grandkids, delightful!
    Ride on lawn mowers!!!!

  49. marilyn 8 years ago

    Dishwashers and they are even better if you have children old enough to pack and unpack them

  50. Jane Alanthwaite 8 years ago

    Microwaves – genius for busy households and timesaving!!!

  51. Alexandra M 8 years ago

    The smart phone. I can call, text, Facebook, tweet, blog, set an alarm, take photos, and browse the web all on one device!

  52. Judith Senese 8 years ago

    Tv, the best babysitter.

  53. Chrissy Roberts 8 years ago

    I couldn’t live without music and songs. So I would choose song and music machines or any sort.

  54. Emma Puszkar 8 years ago

    The tv remote, a battery powered stick for men!

  55. Benjamin Barr 8 years ago

    My favorite invention would have to be air conditioning!! Cant live without it!

  56. Merrill 8 years ago

    Antidepressants best thing to keep mood swings at bay

  57. Shell 8 years ago


  58. Kim 8 years ago


  59. sam 8 years ago

    love the internet – genius.

  60. Cheryl McKibbin 8 years ago

    headphones – perfect way to tune out!

  61. Tara N 8 years ago

    Google – every time I’m with people in a group and someone has a question no-one knows I go to Google for the answer, then say I don’t know what we did before Google.

  62. Tracy 8 years ago

    Wine. Where would a special occasion be without it?

  63. Laura Jilka 8 years ago

    The internet – we’d be lost without it.

  64. Emily KELLER 8 years ago

    Cold Rock!

  65. Kerri Wilkinson 8 years ago

    Robot Vacuum Cleaner- Never have to vacuum again

  66. Chris 8 years ago

    The engine, used in cars, bikes, and aeroplanes, allows us to travel great distances.

  67. cianor 8 years ago

    Wireless LAN – probably what most of us are using to put our comments in and it’s an Australian invention too !

  68. Kate M 8 years ago

    Google…..my best friend

  69. Sarah Mclean 8 years ago

    Instant coffee! I don’t know if its my fave invention because it gets me through the day or my least fave because I’m addicted!

  70. Noeleen McRae 8 years ago

    The Pressure Cooker cooks food quickly and locks in all the goodness and flavour, with healthy meals prepared 3 times faster than conventional cooking

  71. Clare 8 years ago

    Non iron shirts !

  72. Anne C 8 years ago

    The internet- so much knowledge at your fingertips!

  73. Ash M. 8 years ago

    “Spanx’ aka “Pull me in knickers” . I love them even though they are brutally uncomfortable , I still love them.

  74. Narelle Rock 8 years ago

    the radio, could not live without being able to enjoy listening to music, it relaxes me, helps me drift away to a far place while chaos reigns around me!

  75. Helga 8 years ago

    I have nothing against vacuum cleaners; but for me the greatest invention is a microwave. I use it on a daily basis and would not want to miss it.

  76. Glenda Booth 8 years ago

    The printing press,I love to read,books,magazines,newspapers,menus,,,oh and did I mention junk mail.

  77. bron 8 years ago

    my kettle that only boils one cup at a time – and pours itself….saves me having to reboil the kettle 10 times a day lol

  78. Michelle P 8 years ago

    Clothes. Best invention ever I’d say.

  79. Alison 8 years ago

    The Internet/computer as Reality Chick rocks and without my wonderful computer, we wouldn’t be able to visit this incredible website everyday.

  80. sandra simpson 8 years ago

    seen this movie..excellent….and yes vibrator….oh and the car…along walk is too hard 🙂

  81. Maria P 8 years ago

    The bra. Life would be very saggy without it.

  82. Dianne Childs 8 years ago

    The Microwave – so many uses and such a time saver!

  83. Christina 8 years ago

    Headphones/Earphones…just so glad I don’t have to listen to other people’s music choices and can crank up my own without annoying anyone else.

  84. Heather 8 years ago

    Airplanes-makes the rest of the world so accessible. I love travelling!

  85. Roxana 8 years ago

    The Iphone, the conbination of having music, internet, apps that help record conversations, type a word doc or excell, shopping made easy, camera, social media apps, and its also a phone. So many inventions all combined into one. So far the Iphone is my fav invetion that I can not live without… and yes I have all my info backed up to my pc and icloud just in case

  86. Del 8 years ago

    The internet! What on earth did we used to do before it???

  87. jennifer abson 8 years ago

    my favourite invention would have to be vegemite it sure puts a rose in my check everyday 🙂

  88. Chloe 8 years ago

    I love my juicer :D:D

  89. Abby Lee 8 years ago

    Massage chairs 🙂

  90. Julieanne Andrews 8 years ago

    The pill – the start of freedom and independance for women… now to make it available all over the world

  91. Sarah Morrison 8 years ago

    Air conditioner

  92. Tony L 8 years ago

    The motor vehicle. Where would I be without my precise?

  93. Wendy Christidis 8 years ago

    Ipads – I love mine 🙂

  94. Susannah 8 years ago

    Chocolate that is sweet and non fattening

  95. Colleen Phillips 8 years ago

    The washing machine, can’t imagine how difficulkt and time consuming that would have been before the invention of the washing machine.

  96. Colleen Phillips 8 years ago

    The washing machine, can’t imagine how difficult it used to be to do washing by hand in the past.

  97. Merryl 8 years ago

    Indoor plumbing!

  98. Tory 8 years ago

    My least favourite inventions are my mobile and my computer. They both symbolise work and quite often procrastination when I don’t want to work.

    My favourite invention has to be the printing press. Books are my favourite form of escapism, I can take them anywhere and be in another world in minute. In my mind they are much better than even the e-book because it is nearly impossible to read an e-book outside, and e-books never smell right.

  99. renae barrie 8 years ago

    Mine would have to be the dishwasher. Best invention ever…..

  100. Kathy McDuff 8 years ago

    Chocolate. Definitely chocolate!

  101. VandaB 8 years ago

    The interweb, er, the world wide net, um, the internet!!!! OMG what can’t one do on the internet?? Not much, hey?

  102. Linda Hynson 8 years ago

    Coffee machine-hands down:-)

  103. Lesleigh 8 years ago

    My favourite invention is the Mobile Phone. I haven’t forgotten milk in years.

  104. Simone 8 years ago

    Electricity without it we would literally be in the dark and have nothing that tickles our fancy to make life easier and fun.

  105. Marie Pohnetalova 8 years ago

    The computer – the ability to surf the web for research, entertainment or talk with family and friends in an instant thousands of miles still leaves me in awe

  106. roberto colombi 8 years ago

    Airplane – it’s made the world so small that visiting the other side of the world is so commonplace and easy it’s taken the mystique and unknown out of countries

  107. Missylee 8 years ago

    The Fridge/Freezer.. on a forty degree day I’m in love….

  108. Maria L 8 years ago

    The Lightbulb – Being in complete darkness is kind of creepy at my place

  109. Melissa Krohn 8 years ago

    Dishwasher AKA my fiance

  110. Marina Moschos 8 years ago

    Take away food – who wants to cook everyday? Certainly not me.

  111. Lisa 8 years ago

    The calculator! Thank you for saving my math challenged brain!

  112. Liz Ellis 8 years ago

    facebook…………guilty addict 🙂

  113. Karen Kitto 8 years ago

    Washing Machine, spin cycle baby!!!!

  114. Kathy Mason 8 years ago

    Food Processor, no more chopping onions and crying.

  115. Julie 8 years ago

    The long handled back scratcher

  116. sue petrie 8 years ago

    There has been some great inventions in the world from spray on skin to the Hills Hoist but myself i think the Artificial cardiac pacemaker to help the heart keep going is the best invention

  117. Amanda Harris 8 years ago

    The motor vehicle!

  118. christina lungo 8 years ago

    Favourite invention is gum – brilliant – whoever though of that..

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