WHO WON dinner and DVDs in our exes competition?

WHO WON dinner and DVDs in our exes competition?

exThanks to those who entered! The grand prize winner – of a $100 dinner – is Amanda Gorton! And our five runner-up winners, who’ll receive a copy of What’s Your Number on Blu-Ray, are: MissyLee, Simone, Beth, WackyJack and Di. Congrats, all. We’ll be in touch soon to get your address details! Don’t forget, What’s Your Number starring Anna Faris and Chris Evans is now available on DVD and Blu-Ray. The Blu-Ray features heaps of bonus material including deleted scenes, gag reel, and a raunchy extended cut of the film.

What you did to enter We asked if you had reconciled with your ex – or believed they should stay in the past where they belong!

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  1. Missylee 8 years ago

    Darn, I’m a stalker with 4 ex’s on face book and two that live close by even though we met over 1000kms away. Hey I even spend Christmas with my partner, my sons father, (my ex) his partner of the last 10 years and his new baby son and yes we all hang out together
    The ultimate question have I ever got back with one.. No I cut that line for a reason. And I’m not hooked, I’m not falling for the lines and most of them are sinkers ( in the nicest possible way) any way.

  2. Kitty 8 years ago

    No. Freaking. Way. My exes are in the past…as curious as I am to see what they’ve been up to, I would never initiate a catch up dinner.

  3. Tara N 8 years ago

    We were not compatible at the time, therefore I believe that would still be the case.
    Meeting up with an ex now would only create heartache all around – for me, my family and my mind!
    It would however be interesting to get a list on what they’re all up to these days.

  4. Judith M 8 years ago

    No reconciliations. The past is the past and the future is much brighter with no exes in it!

  5. Lisa Chawner 8 years ago

    No not really but an ex that was already in another relationship when we started going out rang me to reconsile on the day I was having my engagement party, too little too late!!

  6. Simone 8 years ago

    No, would be silly people looking for ex’s are just in the moment of wondering what they are up t these days….or just to see who ended up happier.

    i would be also risking if your hubby/current boyfriend were to know this, it would definitely plant a seed of suspicion of doubt on how much they mean to you. Is that worth risking?

    Happy Valentine’s Day all ♥

  7. chickadee 8 years ago

    Even if I wanted to (and google stalking has left me in two minds about it) I could not reconcile as I have been the dumped and not the dumpee.

  8. Linda Clark 8 years ago

    Thats why they are called EXes we didnt want them the first time around
    Why settle and take them back
    Go forward never back
    Its called His-story for a reason.,
    Not future

  9. Amanda Gorton 8 years ago

    I never have and probably never will reconcile with an ex. Whether a brake up is amicable or argumentative it usually because two people have grown their separate ways. Everything relationship has been a step towards me successfully finding ‘the one’!

  10. Beth 8 years ago

    I personally don’t have a problem with reconciliation with an ex… however I wouldn’t do it to protect my current partner. I wouldn’t feel entirely comfortable if my partner became buddies again with an ex of his so I have no desire to put him in the same situation.

  11. Di 8 years ago

    I would never reconcile with an ex. I tend to hate them all after it’s over. Besides, I’m very happy with hubby!

  12. Wackyjack 8 years ago

    Yes I am a “re-offender”!! For us I think it must have been about the timing.

    First time round, short, sharp and VERY sweet fling (coupla months) before I left to live in europe. Four years in between, two for me to live in Spain (complete with Señor Eduardo!) and two for him to go all Bear Grylls (camping in snow etc), before we reconnected over 11 years ago, this time having a glorious wedding in 2007 and two beautiful daughters since to complete our little family!
    Never say never I say!!

  13. Christina 8 years ago

    No way. I am a burning bridges type person. If they weren’t good enough for me then, they aren’t now!

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