Your 2011 Valentine’s messages…

Your 2011 Valentine’s messages…

Happy Valentine’s Day! Read on to see if your loved one’s left you a message below, and add yours to the pile, if you like – we’ll be updating this page all day long. (Don’t forget to include your recipient’s email at the bottom of your message, if you’d like us to give them a virtual reminder to come and check it out.) We’ve also drawn the winner of our Valentine’s Day Helm Bar competition, too – click here to find out if you’re the lucky one!


I love you like a fat kid loves cake.
You are my queen and happiness dealer.
It’s an addiction I never want to kick.
Lub ya smooch dog, your Dave

Happy Valentine’s Day Felipe! Lots of love, Scott xxxx

To My Very Own Wild Thing,
You make my heart sing…
You make everything…
Love your hippy hipster (think child-bearing)

Forty-eight years of fun and games,
Never too old for more of the same!
Love you tender, love you true
My heart ticks over just for you.
Paulie, Paulie, I love you!
And this is from You Know Who!

Dear lovelove
Thank you for your support and for all the happiness you bring into my life.
When are you finally going to propose? I want to say yes – you are the one!
Your French princess

To my lovely husband Rod, you are a perfect father and a fabulous husband.
The smartest thing I ever did was to marry you.  Happy Valentine’s Day!  Love your wifey, Kim.

Love long (but going the) distance,
We may not be together this Valentine’s Day but our hearts remain connected … forever!
All my love belongs to you, ti amo come le stelle nel cielo, ti amo fino alla morte.
From your limpet monkey xox

Mwah to My Monkey, love your Minky XXX

Dear Franksl,
Roses are red, Esta is a boo, I am tall, And Milty is true.
Have a top day!
Love, Banksl.

Dearest BaileyBoo, my fluttering heart goes out to you in thanks for a joyous six years together.
You may me feel like I could invade Russia in only lightweight summer uniform or lead Spurs to
glory in Europe. Thanks for that feeling, Valentine. Your BattyBoy xxxx

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Kissing is sweet
when its with you
Love, Christine

Happy Valentine’s Day to the best father and hubby in the world!
Your girls loves you loads and it’s time we spoilt you a little. Mwah!

D: You were worth the wait. Love, Tash

To my daddy bear dragon! I love you being my daddy!
Sending you lots of hugs and kisses, your fairy princess XX

Thirty years apart mellowed us and slowed us right down…. but now together again and I feel warm stirrings inside me when we brush against each other or glance at each other across a room. Having learnt that we should never have parted may this renewal and restart to us let us grow and achieve together for the next thirty or more……. Love you fort ever X X X O O O X X X    C

Dear Possum Whisperer,
When you swore blind you could tame wild beasts
I knew you were the man I wanted to be with.
Just promise me you’ll never eat a live snake
… or let me arrive home to find you wearing my knickers.
Happy Valentine’s Day and here’s to a gazillion more.
Love always, your Shaa-Baa

My darling Benny, you have been my Valentine for 20 years now.
I still enjoy my time alone with you even though it doesn’t happen very often.
Let’s wish for some more time this year. I love you, Claire X

Charlie brown you stole my heart…. Have I told you how much I appreciate you….
Well I do… everything about you I adore …
NOW the world knows 4EVA yr  WHITE Polar Bear xx 

To my darling gorgeous Jamie Pie,
Life has been ever brighter since meeting you, my soulmate, my partner-in-crime.
You’re the coolest person I’ve ever met and you’re my best friend. Let’s be together forever.
Happy First Ever Valentines Day!
Love, Pretty Pie <3

To my luvelly lion valentine! You are a special boy and wonderful daddy.
Thanks for everything that you do for us all the time, love you heaps.
Lots of hugs, PIXIE + FAIRY PRINCESS xx

Van – looking forward to our special time very soon. Can’t wait. Whataboutu!!! Pauli

C: Twenty years strong, love you more every year. B

Happy Valentine’s Day mum! I love you! I hope you get lots of chocolates and flowers.
Lots of love from your favourite daughter Belinda!

Dear WCP, Providers of Sustenance and a Warm Bed,
I still love you, but I am not loving the new interloper. Trying not
to eat him, but I can’t promise anything. Get me a roast chicken and
maybe we can come to some arrangement. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Love, Princess Cocopops x

Big Monkey banana love going out to Perfect Panda: eat yr shoots- I won’t leave 😉 XXX

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